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Shiva: "Main to vairagi hun Na Sammaan ka moh Na Apmaan ka bhay"

Main to vairagi hun Na kisi Sammaan ka moh Na kisi Apmaan ka bhay

By   santosh |     Last updated :   4 Aug 2017

Main toh vairagi hoon

We humans have various kinds of desire and feelings which are endless. But once when you achieve shiva, your ocean of desires will be satisfied. Life will feel like complete and filled with joy and ecstasy. Your heart will feel like melt towards humanity and a tear drop may come out of your eyes for no reason. This beautiful part of spirituality will make your heart filled with compassion. This is the most beautiful definition of life which is so real, so pure. There will be only one desire left in your heart which will not allow you to make the distance from supreme consciousness.

He is Mahakal the ultimate destroyer of the darkness and evil. I share a special bond with him. He is the one who is so close to me. He has known from many names Shiva is one of them. He is the one who gives me the strength to perform my routine task. The charm of Shiva is so charismatic that it is not possible for an ordinary people like me to define it. Still, i tried to put some light at Shiva-charisma.

Friends before saying something I would like to tell you that, Lord Shiva Lives in Great mountains of Kailash in the Himalayas, only known the God who lives in the earth instead of heaven. Now coming to our main topic Vairagya. So what is Vairagya? This term Vairagya is close to my heart and the reason is simple, that it is related to Lord Shiva. Shiva is in a household with goddess Parvati collectively known as Shiv Shakti.

Shiva is known for his ascetic style. Shiva is the one who is supreme vairagi but same time he is the spouse of goddess Parvati. Now, this is a small contradiction here, which has to be cleared. The journey of goddess Parvati towards achieving Shiva as the husband was not that simple. Now they are worshipped all around the world as an ideal couple. Shiva is the example of ideal husband and father. Still, he is known as a Vairagi. So it makes more sense why Shiva is Satyam Shivam Sundaram.
Vairagya: It is a state where a person is in complete peace of mind and relaxation and feels the connection with God. The surrounding condition doesn't matter. The person who is following Vairagya is called "Vairagi". The term Vairagi is closely related to Lord Shiva. Now the question arises how a man can be a vai ragi and can be in a household at the same time? Shiva answered this question.

Mighty Shiva

Shiva: "To be in the household is important for the continual Creation of the world. This leads to the establishment of family and new life. This is the reason I am in the household. On the other side household and Vairagya can become complementary to each other. To Live with everyone without the desire to being with them is the part of Vairagya. To follow the rules and limits of household and not get distracted from this outer world by keeping apart egoistic desire and by full filling your responsibilities. This is how Vairagya becomes complementary to the household."

However, there are some lessons which we could learn from Shiva which has the ability to make this world a better place for everyone.

Vairagi Shiva

Why Shiva has the blue throat? Neelkantha As mentioned above Blue throat: The epithet Neelkantha (Sanskrit means "blue throat"). Since Shiva drank the Halahala poison churned up from the Samudra Manthan to eliminate its destructive capacity. Shocked by his act, Goddess Parvati strangled his neck and hence managed to stop it in his neck. Goddess Parvati and Shiva prevent it from spreading all over the universe. However, the poison was so potent that it changed the color of his neck to blue.

Neelkantha ShivaImage courtesy - Life ok

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