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Celebrate mahaShivratri with us

Let's celebrate mahaShivratri together. Wishing everyone Happy MahaShivratri

Sanatan Dharma always followed the scientific approach in their life since ages. They knew that human body is connected to divine consciousness through the mind.

sages built the fantastic architectures for representing their awareness of divine consciousness.

Even 10,000 year ago sages constructed the ashrams all around the world to connect with Supreme Consciousness through Samadhi and Dhyaan (Meditation - Part of yoga).

Normal People of that era used to visit their ashrams for finding the solution of their problems. Yes, they were like search engines of past like Google & Bing.

These sages taught us that this whole world is running on three fundamental principles Creation, preservation and last but not the least destruction.

Banyan tree represents it beautifully; it depicts that root of the tree is Brahma who is known as the creator, trunk of the tree is Vishnu who is preserver and leaves are Shiva. Shiva is the spouse of Shakti (energy) , Vishnu is the spouse of Laxmi and Brahma is the spouse of Saraswati.


Why Hindus have many gods and where Shiva stands among them?

The World is not aware that Hindus too believes in one God who is supreme among all of us. They worship him in formless modules. They have also manifested him so that an entity could come in their mind when they worship him.

There are two ways through which Hindus worship God, one is formless way known as Nirguna and another one is shaped Way so that normal people have a better understanding of him known as Sarguna.

For the operation of various activities, the god introduced various demi gods which are another elementary part of Supreme Consciousness.

Like God of fire is Agni dev, God of rain is Varun Dev, wind God is Vayu Dev and so soon. Indra is their king.

when all demi Gods asked to Supreme Consciousness, oh Lord we want to worship you please take some form. Supreme Consciousness appeared in front of them as Sada - Shiva.

He took morph of the Shiva as Maha Rudra .

Shiva is regarded as one of the primary forms of God. The ultimate destroyer of darkness and one of the three most influential denominations in contemporary Hinduism.

Now the question comes who are other two? As defined above one is Brahma & other one is Vishnu. But Brahma is not worshipped all over the world.

There is only one temple of Brahma in all over the world which is in Pushkar India.

Shiva and vishnu who is more influential?

Now we have Vishnu and Shiva. Lots of people are confused that who is more influential among the two? Let me tell you that both are equal in all aspects, there is no one more influential among them. Actually, both are same and both are free from the wheel of karmas.

Shiva regards Lord Vishu as Supreme consciousness. Shiva even incarnated himself as Hanuman the biggest devotee of Lord Rama .

On the other side once Lord Vishnu while worshipping Shiva offered his lotus eyes to Shiva and Shiva gifted Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu considers Shiva as his Supreme consciousness.

Vishnu meditates upon Shiva name. It is true that Shiva never officially worshipped anyone whereas Lord Vishnu worshipped Shiva.

There is beautiful bonding between Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Shiva is too dear to Lord Vishnu, hence known as Vishnu - Vallabh.

Shivratri special

Shiva is most dear to Lord Vishnu. And Shiva meditates upon Ram Naam which is one of the morphs of Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu considered Lord Shiva as Supreme Consciousness. Yes, there is one more truth that Shiva never worshipped anyone.

He is complete in himself as master of the universe.

He is also known as Adi Yogi the first yogi who enlighten the Sapt Rishis.

Shiva is the founder of yoga and Ayurveda. Shiva is also regarded as Baidyanath who gifted the boon of medical care to Sapt-Rishis as he himself the protector of some precious SOM herbs which can cure any disease.

as I have mentioned above Shiva is destroyer Mahakaal .

So the question comes in our mind how a mystic who is a destroyer is so dear to people?

Well, there can be many answers to it but let me give you

the overview of Shiva

Being the Ultimate destroyer of Darkness , Shiva has the highest level of innocence.

He never tricked anyone that’s the reason; he made name for himself Bholenath which means the one who is guiltless, so pure and gullible.

Even demon worshipped him; Shiva treated all equally. Ravana was one of the biggest demons of all time but was one of the greatest devotees of Shiva.

He created Shiva Tandava Stotram in his reverence towards Shiva. Shiva gave him powers beyond his imagination. This made him so rude and arrogant.

Shiva is the one who never discriminates his devotees on the basis of their karma .

A simple punisher who is boundless still bonded with a thin thread of love and reverence with his devotees.

Why People worshipped Shiva as Mahadev?

Shiva is not just lord he is the primary form of divine entity as defined above. Shiva is one of the morphs of Sada-Shiva.

Everything is evolved from Sada-Shiva. There are many things we can learn from Shiva in our life we are defining only a few of them.

  1. He drank venom Halahal to save universe which turned his throat blue and known from the name of Neelkanth.
  2. He helped holly river, Ganga, to enter on the earth through putting her on his matted hair locks.
  3. Adorn with the thin crescent moon in the head.
  4. Giant Cobra Vasuki on his neck. Shiva wears the Garland Snakes so that people could give respect to other creatures

The charm of Shiva is beyond description , he is the one whose start and end are not defined; He holds trident on his right hand as the destroyer of evil.

He is known for living highly ascetic life with Goddess Parvati as his beloved wife .

Both are worshipped all over the world as the ideal couple.

Shiva the Ideal husband: Shiva is known for high spiritual moral ascetic life where people see him as the first yogi.

But Shiva is also in a household with goddess Parvati known as Shakti .

Shiva knows how to control senses in adverse conditions, he defined the proper definition of love and trust.

How these two things can become the medium of prosperous life.

Even though Shiva is Supreme, still he passed with every path from which normal man passes.

This makes Shiva more lovable he has all the qualities of the divine as well as of ordinary humans like patience and calmness.

Shiva Bonding with Goddess Parvati

The persona of Lord Shiva is so emotional & ascetic. Those people who have these traits are considered as equivalent to God.

Lord Shiva is dedicated to his beloved wife, goddess Parvati with complete passion. He listens to his wife with great trust and faith.

He always makes goddess Parvati feel delightful. These traits are most valuable in man how he respects and cares women.

Shiva gives equal importance to goddess Parvati; he never takes decision his own without consulting with his beloved wife. These are the traits of lord Shiva which makes him ideal husband.

A man who implements Shiva trait in his life gets the delightful pleasing life. Every girl in the world looks these traits in a man.

Shiva ideal husband

Why is MahaShivratri so special occasion?

Shiva dissected his feminine energy source from himself so that entire universe could come into existence.

He gave his energy for creation of time flux which turned him to vairagya , the isolated one.

Shiva feminine Energy tried to reframed shape as Sati, the first spouse of Shiva. This proves that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can be converted form one form to another.

After being married to Shiva, Sati gave up her life when her father defamed Shiva in a huge gathering.

Shiva decapitated Daksha (Sati father) head for punishing him but on request of Sati mother gave Daksh life back. This is why Shiva is so guiltless and simplistic of simple God.

Energy again reframed herself as the daughter of Himavan and Mainawati and took birth as Parvati.

Later on, this auspicious day of MahaShivratri Shiva married with Parvati.

In this auspicious moment of MahaShivratri.

Shiva bless us all Happy Maha-Shivratri

Shiva Mantra

Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat

Meaning - Om, Let me meditate on the great Purusha Oh, Lord of Lords Shiva, give me higher intellect And let God Shiva illuminate my mind.... Bless this world peace n love Har Har Mahadev

Shiva and parvati


All 3 realms got delighted when Shiva wedded with Parvati, they have been waiting for it since so long. Today is that same day known as MahaShivaratri.

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