Lord shiva the almighty

Lord shiva the almighty

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Lord shiva the almighty

The glorious, infinite, Param Brahma, Lord Shiva the almighty is regarded as is the main reason for every phenomenon happening around us.

Who is Lord Shiva?

The protector of righteousness, Mahadev is the soul maker, Lord Shiva the almighty is the dark energy as well as the Dark matter of the universe.

It is the dark matter and dark energy which is responsible for this universe operation.

The whole creation came into existence by the dance of Shiva. Only Shiva has the energy to manipulate, start and end any process including Kaal Chakra.

Everything whether living or nonliving emerges from Shiva and in end returns into the Shiva.

In his physical form, Lord Shiva is unprecedented, and there is no one like Shiva in the entire cosmos.

Let's find out the prominence of Lord Shiva and know more about Lord Shiva the almighty.

  1. God is figureless; Lord Shiva in his highest form is shapeless, and lingam symbolizes Lord Shiva's indefinite form.
  2. God is eternal and unborn; Shiva is immortal and unborn; moreover, there is no father of Lord Shiva.
  3. God has no self-need; Lord Shiva is supreme Vairagi who doesn't need anything from anyone.
  4. God is always kind; Shiva is known for his generosity. The massive list of Shiva devotees calls him Bholenath.
  5. God is supremely powerful; Lord Shiva has limitless energy. Creation, protection, and destruction depend on his will.
  6. God is everywhere; Lord Shiva is Sarveshwara means Shiva is everything.
  7. God is the source of all kind of knowledge; Lord Shiva is the primary source of information known as Adiyogi. Shiva's teaching spread from Saptarishis to simple people.
  8. God Is reliable; Shiva is Faithful, each quality of Lord Shiva like simplicity, innocence, incredible strength represent his trustworthy.
  9. Lord Shiva never broke anybody trust.
  10. God Charm is divine. Lord Shiva attraction is enchanting; Goddess Parvati the spouse of Lord Shiva was hypnotized by the grace of Lord Shiva.
  11. God is free from all type of inaccuracy, impurity. Chanting the Panchari mantra Om Namah Shivay helps you to defeat inaccuracies and gives peace of mind.

Lord Shiva the supreme consciousness

The various facts associated with Lord Shiva defines the glory of Maha kapali, Aghori Shiva.

Shiva is not just deity in Sanatan Dharma; Lord Shiva is Lord of Lords, the foundation of everything including the energy flowing in living beings veins.

In the contemporary form, Lord Shiva is beyond all three dimension of time including Past, Present, and Future.

It is scientific and well-documented in the Vedic literature that Anybody can experience Shiva's presence by invoking Kundalini Yoga Shakti within them.

Meditation is the medium through which People can do that; It is the form of Shiva Yoga.

Why is Lord Shiva so important?

The devotees of Shiva are always calm and focus. Shiva never compares his devotee with each other.

Shiva each believer who has exceptional trust on Shiva is precious to him.

There are many lesson humans can learn from Lord Shiva, for example.

  1. Sagacity
  2. Compassion
  3. Simplicity
  4. Unbelievable Strength
  5. Reliable
  6. Charming
  7. Destroyer of the darkness, and evil.
  8. Love the beauty of nature.
  9. Great responsibility comes with remarkable power.
  10. Live ascetic life but be an exceptional lover of your consort.

God is never materialistic and complete in himself. Similarly, Lord Shiva is the highest level of supremacy, and he is not worldly.

Therefore doesn't own any roof and lives on the gigantic mountain of Kailash.

The mountain is surrounded by various mounts, forming a lotus shape. When we study about human chakra, we find them lotus shaped.

Shiva, the loving husband of Goddess Parvati; is the one who handles and cares for everything happening in the universe.

A small story which explains the significance of moral values.


One day, On Kailash Parvat, Lord Shiva was having lunch with his sweet family.

Goddess Parvati was serving food to everyone as goddess Annapurna. Suddenly rain started in between the lunch.

As we all know Shiva doesn't own a house on Mount Kailash, everyone gets disturbed including Lord Ganesha, Kartikeya, and Ashok Sundari.

They get up from their seats, but Shiva stays there and keeps enjoying the lunch.

Shiva sees them and asks a question, have you ever experience, sweet dishes while getting wet in the rain.

This rain is the gift of nature; we must admire, and appreciate it.

Ganesha sits down and replies, no I never tasted sweet dishes in the rain, but today I will enjoy it.

After that Kartikeya, and Ashok Sundari also joins them. Goddess Parvati gets happy to sees the smile on her family faces and serves food to them.

After the lunch, Shiva and Parvati take a walk to Mansarovar. Parvati asks a question.

Parvati - "Swami, don't you think our kids need a house? When I married you, I never asked anything.

This time I m feeling that our kids need a shelter. Home unites its member with each other; its wall represents the memories."

shiva replies

" Yes, Gauri house is necessary, It gives shelter to families. But if there is no love in the family, then, the house cannot unite its members.

There is immense love within our family which is not dependent on the wall memories.

Still, if you want a house for our family, we can have it on the Kailash. "

Goddess Parvati realizes that there is no need for a house for their family. She thanks Shiva for making her understood the point so beautifully.

That was the small story which defines the significance of Love, trust within the family.


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