Lord krishna and lord shiva battle

Lord krishna and lord shiva battle Source - Instagram - ma_ha_kal_

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Lord krishna and lord shiva battle

Wow, There is an interesting incident registered in Puranas where Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva battle with each other.

On this post, we are posting the authentic information on the battle of Banasura. We request you to read the complete article for obvious reasons defined below.

This post helps you to understand the answer to few questions like?

  1. Why the battle of Banasura was necessary that time?
  2. What was its result?
  3. Introduction of Adishakti (Parashakti, Sadashiva) in contemporary form to the Shiva and Krishna.

Before getting started let's observe Shiva and Krishna in their respective dimension. For that, we need to understand about Adishakti (Parashakti and Sadashiva)

In Sanatan Dharma, there is a trinity which includes Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara.

In which Brahma is the creator, Lord Vishnu is the supreme preserver and Mahesh is Shiva, the supreme destroyer.

Lord Vishnu emerged first from voidness. This voidness is Dark energy. Human science has a very little idea about dark energy.

They don't know much about that since it is beyond human consciousness.

Hence Lord Vishnu is unborn and believed that present everywhere, not just present in this universe but in the multiverse.

When we look to Vedas & Puranas, for example, Devi Puranas, Shiva Puranas, Rudra Sahita etc, Dark energy is Adishakti, Parashakti or Shivashakti

  1. The Dark Energy contains 74% of the universe
  2. Rest 22% is Dark matter
  3. just 4% is the matter.

Then Brahma appeared from Vishnu navel part through a comic lotus.

Adishakti told them that you both are my energies. You emerged on my will, I order you to take the responsibility of Brahma as creator and Vishnu as the supreme preserver.

On request of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, Adishakti (Parashakti, Sadashiv) further told them that he/she will take the physical form as Rudra.

Lastly, Rudra emerged as Shankar who is the physical form of shapeless Sadashiva/Adishakti

Out of the Trinity, Vishnu and Shiva is believed to be more influential in comparison to Lord Brahma.

Brahma once tried to trick Lord Vishnu hence Sadashiva forbade devotees to worship Brahma

Whereas comparing Lord Vishnu with Lord Shiva is highly unjustified. Both are one common flux of energy which works on their own dimension and they never interferes with each other task.

Vishnu and Shiva both are regarded to be one. Therefore Shiva is Vishnu Vallabha , means Lord Vishnu can't resist with Lord Shiva and Collectively known as HariHara

Brief description about Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.

"Shive Sarvadhi Sadhike"

means nothing happens without Shiva's will" - Lord Krishna

About Lord Shiva

Shiva is unborn and there is no father of Shiva, In Sanatan Dharma Lord Shiva is regarded as Param Brahma who is the omniscient, unconquerable and ultimate form of divinity.

The most important thing about Shiva is that Shiva is Nirakar (formless) therefore Shiva is worshipped as Lingam which represents his Sadashiva form.

Whereas in his physical form, Mahadeva is the supreme exemplification of Vairagya and loves to lives in Mount Kailash .

Mahashivratri is the huge and auspicious festival for Sanatana Dharma it is celebrated with immense zeal every year.

There are so many interesting facts associated with Lord Shiva when you read them you get to fall in love with Shiva.

The manifestation of AdiShakti, goddess Sati and then later Goddess Parvati fall in love with Shiva.

Everything connected with Shiva is mesmerizing, for example-

  1. Why Shiva is known as Aghori Shiva?
  2. How the greatest destroyer of darkness and evil is known as Bholenath?
  3. Why the only Ardhanarishvara has a physical third eye and what does it represent?
  4. What is Shiva's connection with cremation ground?

And so on. please read more here if you are interested.

About Lord Krishna

The eight avatar of supreme preserver, Lord Vishnu who manifested himself as the son of Devaki and Vasudev.

Lord Krishna is the major Deity in the Sanatan Dharma who represents wisdom, faith, compassion.

According to Sanatan calendar, Krishna's Birthday is celebrated as the grand festival known as Janmashtami which falls in the mid-August.

The anecdotes of Lord Krishna is known as Krishna Leela which projects the Lord's divinities.

Lord Krishna teachings put you to the path of righteousness, courage and affection towards everyone.

Lord Krishna compassion towards the Kamdhenu is a true projection of his kindness and simplicity.

Lord Krishan is mentioned as a divine hero in the Dwapara Yuga who is the central character of the Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita.

Lord Krishna helped Warrior prince Arjuna to win Hastinapur for Pandavas.

After understanding about Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna, let get to our main topic Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva battle.

The battle of Banasura

A long time ago, there was a benevolent king named Bali. The king was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. The King Bali had many sons, Bana was one of them. He was one of the devotees of Lord Shiva.

One of the most interesting thing about Bana was that he had thousands of hands. Banasura Source - worldmostpowerful.blogspot.com

Due to Shiva's blessing, he became incredibly strong that he conquered his surrounding kingdoms. His hunger for war kept rising with every passing day.

He started attacking innocent and less powerful kingdom, The news of his atrocities spread in all other states. His strength made him an egoistic man.

One day, After winning a new kingdom, when he returned to his palace. His queen told him that their daughter is grown up now. They need to find a suitable groom for her.

Banasura tells to his queen that he has found no suitable warrior for her daughter who could possess equivalent strength as he has?

But he promised to queen that he will find someone for his daughter so that she could get married soon.

When he found out that no warrior could match Banasur's valour in the war zone, he worshipped Shiva again to get another boon.

As we all know that Shiva is the destroyer of Ego as well. Shiva & Devi Parvati appeared in front of Banasura and requested him to open his eyes.

Banasura gets delighted to see Uma, Shankar in front of him. Shiva asked Banasura to take a boon.

Shiva Uma Source Ghumakkar

Banasura asked for two Boons

[ Notice ] - In his arrogance, he forgot that he was comparing himself with Shiva

  1. He told to Shiva that since there is no one in the entire universe who could defeat him except Shiva himself.

    He wants to fierce battle with someone who would be incredibly strong and almost equivalent to Shiva.

    Most importantly, Whenever he will need Shiva's help, Lord Shiva has to come to rescue him.
  2. He wants an appropriate groom for his daughter Usha.

Shiva grants his both boon and tells him that you will get indulged with a battle and when your door's flag will fall down that time realize that you got it.

Soon your daughter will get married to a handsome boy.

After getting boons from Shiva, demon return to his kingdom and tells about his successful penance to his queen.

In between, his daughter Usha hears about the second boon for her marriage. She gets happy and starts thinking about her prince and falls asleep.

She starts thinking about a prince in her dreams and when she comes out of her dreams she talks with her artist friend named Chitralekha regarding her dream.

Usha's dear friend Chitralekha starts drawing a painting of a boy. The artwork of Chitralekha was matching with Usha dream prince.

In Kailash Parvat , Lord Shiva tells to Goddess Parvati that in the Bhooloka, Lord Krishna will play one more Leela.

On the other side, Chitralekha informs Usha that it is the sketch of Anirudha, a prince of Dwarka.

For helping her friend Usha, she brings out Aniruddha into Usha room though mystic form

Usha and Aniruddha look at each other, both fall in love with each other. Whereas Banasura notices that there is a stranger came into palace.

He captures Aniruddha and gives him imprisonment for several days. In the Dwarka, lord Krishna realizes that Aniruddha is been captured by Banasura.

Along with Balarama, Lord Krishna attacks the kingdom of Banasura and breaks down Banasura flag.

Later that Banasura realizes that he has no match for Lord Krishna strength. After getting scared he worships Lord Shiva and Shiva finally appears in the battle.

Shiva's army along with Bull Nandi , Kartikeya and Ganesh also participate in the battle. Now in war Krishna army starts losing their dominance.

The Battle of Banasur source - kismatconection

The war gets intense but Shiva sees Krishna with a smile. Lord Krishna regards the affection. In their heart both praises each other.

Shiva mystically gives the hidden signal to Krishna that after observing the strength of Lord Krishna, Banasura ego is already got destroyed. This war should get stopped now.

Shiva tells to Krishna, My Lord, Banasura learned his lesson, his egoistic nature is destroyed.

Krishna tells to Shiva that I was willing to destroy only the ego of Banasura, You are my Lord Mahadev, How can I fight with my lord?.

After listening to Shiva and Krishna conversation, Banasura looks at Lord Krishna, He sees Shiva there then he flips his eyesight on Lord Shiva he sees Lord Krishna there.

Banasura realizes that he was not fighting with Krishna, he was fighting with his Lord Shiva. After all, both are one.

Banasura falls in the feet of Krishna and seeks Apology. Lord Krishna is kind and auspicious, He forgives Banasura.

Banasura frees Krishna's Grandson Aniruddha.

He requests Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva to bless the new couple Usha and Aniruddha.

Afterwards Shiva disappears with his army.


On this post, we have defined Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva battle story.

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Last but not the least please keep smiling and stay blessed.

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