Lord Shiva lifestyle [Most stylish Lord of Lords]

Lord shiva lifestyle

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Lord shiva lifestyle

Lord Shiva Lifestyle is glamorous; Shiva lives a unique lifestyle on mount Kailash, everything related to Mahadev is remarkable.

The best thing about Lord Shiva is that he believes in diversity. In shiva's guidance, there are Ghost, sadhus, bulls, tigers, snakes, rats, and peacock lives under the one shelter.

Therefore Shiva devotees also cherish the differences in living beings and appreciate the rational thinking approach.

People who understand this very basic concept of life. They live a calm, happy and peaceful life.

This characteristic gives a focused mindset, and only a focus mindset can unlock his/her body Chakras through Kundalini Yoga Shakti which comes under Shiv Yoga.

Third eye

Shiva always told his devotees to accept the positivity from the surrounding and leave negativity for Shiva to consume it, as he is Neelkantha.

Hence, Devotees of Shiva offer toxic substances to Shiva, so that Shiva could consume sinners wrongdoings and give them freedom from past evil deed.

Almighty , immortal, super divine being, Shiva is the most stylish lord, and there are many facts and theories associated with Shiva.

For example, Theories related to Ayurveda, the Dancing form of Shiva, etc.

On this post, we will discuss specific points about Shiva Lord which will help you to know that Lord Shiva has a unique style which makes him different from others.

7 Reasons Why there is no one like Lord Shiva?

  1. Being a Vairagi, Shiva hardly interferes in anybody's work Until it becomes necessary for him to interfere in a particular incident. Here it becomes important to understand him as Bhootnath (master of panch Mahabhootas), Shiva owns everything and keeps his third eye vision on everyone.
  2. Shiva has the pleasant attitude towards being organic. Wearing Rudraksha bead necklace suits more to him in comparison to unnatural Robe.

    Shiva likes being surrounded by nature all the time. Shiva has a specific affection for the white snowy mountains of the Himalayas.

    Goddess Parvati, the Loving consort of Shiva is an integral part of Shiva, who operates as Prakriti and takes care of Shiva in the freezing circumstance.
  3. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of Darkness known for a super masculine physique. The primary divine man acknowledged as catastrophic Rudra.

    Still, everyone is aware of the kindness of Shiva. Devotees of Shiva, admire him with the tremendous amount of Love, they call him Bholenath.
  4. Smeared with Bhasma, having long matted hairs, wrapped by tigerskin, and snake on his neck, Shiva outer glimpse is unconventional.

    Still, Shiva's external guise is regarded as auspicious and has a deep spiritual meaning of everything.

    The style of Shiva is of top-class, where everyone gets scared to visit cremation ground, Shiva sits there in the peace and establishes the control between negative and positive energies there.
  5. The greatness of Shiva lies in his simplicity. Every quality of Lord Shiva is pleasant which defines that Shiva is not extreme at all.

    Therefore known as Aghori Shiva and Goddess Parvati is his biggest strength.
  6. Shiva is calm in every circumstance which depicts his exceptional control over his senses. Therefore, there is an enormous list of Shiva devotees.

    These devotees kept taking the physical and mental health benefit of Panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivaya by chanting it day and night.
  7. Goddess Parvati won God Shiva's heart by delivering the rigorous penance upon him.

    That penance became the foundation of true love , trust, devotion for Shiva Parvati Marriage.

Charm of Shiva

Shiva Parvati is the exemplification that true love cannot emerge without passion, sacrifice, and self-realization.


Shiva is Lord of Lords, but he never forces anyone to worship him. It is Shiva's Gyan which spread all over the world.

One cannot understand Lord Shiva by just reading about him; Shiva is the infinite man hence beyond human consciousness.

There could be multiple forms of Shiva, and you could venerate any Shiva form. They all lead towards Shiva.

In the highest level, Shiva is formless which means Nirakara Param Brahma. Lingam is the manifestation of his infinite form.

Lord Shiva is omniscient, eternal, and the greatest transformer who is beyond our limited thinking abilities.

Lord Shiva is the coolest Lord In Sanatan Dharma apart from being the simplest and powerful. Shiva is self-born, and there is no father of Shiva.

Western documentaries project him as Hindu God of destruction who get angry frequently. Whereas, Shiva hardly gets angry and always Dhyaan Yuktam.

Shiva has a grand amount of compassion for all beings. Therefore Shiva is also known as Pashupatinath.

In fact, the personality of Shiva is nothing less than the superhero. He can fulfill any wish of his devotee without taking consideration to the effect of his boon.

Humans have three dominant traits within them. People belonging to any of these traits Rajas, Sattva, and Tamas can openly worship to Lord Shiva.

A giver who can consume the universal poison which came from the cosmic ocean crunching and returns the nectar to the demigods.

Gangadhar Shiva

Hollywood or south Indian film industry can make an epic movie on Lord Shiva lifestyle . A film whose story could be 100 times bigger than infinity war.

Shiva is free from Maya, Kaal Chakra, and Karma. Shiva, never take birth as a human, the only lord who knows, what he is doing?

Shiva has distributed responsibility to other deities. For example, Shiva appointed Shani dev as people Karma administrator.

Lord Vishnu is the protector of the creation, and Brahma is the originator of the universe. He is Destroyer of everything including human ego .

Ram Naam is dear to Shiva. Similarly, Shiva's name is dear to Lord Rama. One needs to understand Shiva as Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

Lord Shiva is the ideal lover and ideal husband, almost every unmarried girl whether traditional or modern wants a husband with qualities of Shiva.

In the other dimension, Lord Shiva family is an instance of the ideal family.

Shiva always encouraged goddess Parvati to lead from the front as Goddess Durga whereas he remained goddess side making goddess realize her strength.

That is the marvelous virtue of Shiva which describes his encouragement towards women empowerment.


On this post, we have described Lord Shiva lifestyle.

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