Lord Shiva teachings

Lord Shiva teaching

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Lord Shiva teachings lead to the path of happiness and Moksha. In this post, we will explore some of the most significant teachings of Lord Shiva.

Shiva's teaching is based on facts and totally practical implementation.

There are so many lessons we could learn from his teachings.

These lessons from Lord Shiva has the ability to make you free from your past sorrows and fears.

So, Let's get started with amazing Lord Shiva's teaching.

Death is the Ultimate reality.

Our body is made of 5 elementary elements hence it will get destroyed one day.

Bhootnath Shiva is the owner of these 5 primary elements which includes Air, water, Land, fire, sky.

You can sense these 5 elements in your body by chanting om namah Shivaya in meditation.

we must accept this harsh reality but it is not the end. It is a process through which old one gets replaced by the new one.

We take birth, we educate ourselves, join jobs, we raise a family, we grow older watching stuffs happening around us and then we die.

Here destruction or death is necessary for creation to take place.

It is like a process of cracking down of eggshell from which a newly born chicken comes out to this beautiful world.

Your time is limited and If you have got this life, It is your responsibility to make your life beautiful for yourself.

Do something amazingly worth remembering so that people could remember you with a pleasant feeling after your departure from this world.

Vairagya is the easiest way to purify soul and Karma

Vairagya means dispassion from the materialistic world.

It doesn't mean that one should alienate from their responsibilities.

Vairagya is actually an act of high intellectuals who know that Life is a combination of time wheel and Karmas.

These karma keep us connected to the materialistic stuff like being in a household.

But in a contemporary way, we could make Vairagya and household complementary to each other.

By being staying in the household but not getting indulge in Maya and fulfilling all the defined responsibility is part of Vairagya.

This is a beautiful definition of vairagya. Mahadev himself is the greatest exemplification of this.

Shiva is the primary yogi who lives in the freezing condition of mount Kailash in a household with goddess Parvati.

How to get peace of mind?

Meditation is an incredible way to explore the inner consciousness whose roots are connected to Bholenath .

What I realized by practicing meditation is that Shiva is inside as well as outside of my body and soul.

He made me realize the immense potential stored inside me. Which ultimately help me to get focused mindset and peace of mind.

How to get the healthy body?

Yoga is another valuable gem, comes from the Sanskrit language.

It is an ancient science, practice in the Vedic culture which promotes the harmonious collaboration of body, mind, and spirit.

what is the real Source of Happiness?

Shiva defines that, every human ultimate life goal is to achieve happiness.

So we all are indulged in collecting those stuff which could give us the sense of Happiness.

This world is destroyable, it will get destroyed, everything will get ruined in the end and nothing will be left in this world.

Those people who instead of knowing this fact doesn't ignore their hankering for stuff. They will live in a fear of losing those stuff.

And those people who don't know this truth will spend their lives in the egocentric nature.

It is simple to understand that If there are ego and fear in one place then how can happiness stay there?

Some people are worried that they own nothing and it is the reason of their sorrows.

whilst some are worried that they have owned everything now there is nothing new to achieve.

We create our own vision for determining the happiness whereas the reality is different from it.

So it is necessary to keep calm in every situation.

A man who keeps calm in every situation is a Siddh Purusha.

Only he can understand the real source of happiness.

How to get free from Infirmary (अशक्ति)?

Infirmary takes away our positive thought process and increases our stress. so, It is important to get free from such disorders.

Such disorders are the root cause of egoism. Hence it is the mother of non-auspiciousness.

There is only one way to come out of Infirmary i.e leaving behind the narcissism for moving forward.

For moving forward in life we must never differentiate between peoples and sees them with one parameter.

It is possible only when we start searching real happiness inside us and expect nothing in return from anyone.

When we search happiness inside us, It will take us towards supreme consciousness.

It will make us free from the bonds through which we are tied.

Will it ultimately lead us towards freedom from our (अशक्ति) Infirmary?

My answer is definitely yes.

How to get free from our fears?

Human desires are the source of fear. When we desire to receive something from someone we will have fear of losing it.

If we have a desire to live a long life then there will definitely have the fear of death.

Jealousy, comparison, egoism, and guilt are few key components of fears.

Only by accepting the returns of Karma and gathering skill and proper knowledge one can come out of fear.

What is the biggest trait of great people?

In one of Lord Shiva important teaching, Rudra defines that great people are always trustworthy.

A person should be honest and indulged in the act of truthful.

A person who always follows the path of courage and righteousness no matter how hard condition may arise, I will be always with him.


On this post, we have shared Lord Shiva teaching which plays a significant role in living a peaceful life.

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