Lord Ganesha The remover of all obstacles

Lord Ganesha The remover of all obstacles Source pixabay

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Lord Ganesha Story

Lord Ganesha, The remover of all obstacles is the auspicious son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

On this post, we are going to share

  1. The story of Lord Ganesha's birth
  2. How Ganesha got the elephant head?

Mata Jaki Parvati, Pita Mahadeva, Means the one whose mother is goddess Parvati and Father is Lord Shiva.

There are so many names of Lord Ganesha like Vighnaharta, Vakratunda, Vinayak and Ganpati.

Lord Ganesha holds the great significance in Sanatana Dharma. It is believed that Lord Ganesha is auspicious and his name is taken before performing any new task.

Lord Ganesha is also believed to be a giver of (skill) Ridhi and Sidhi (power) Moreover that Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the remover of all the obstacle exactly like Lord Hanuman .

So let's get started to know how Lord Ganesha came into life?

Birth of Lord Ganesha

There are so many interesting facts associated with Lord Shiva . Birth of Lord Ganesha is also one of them.

Before knowing how Lord Ganesha got elephant head, we need to understand one thing that Shiva is kind and supreme Lord.

There is no one like Shiva maheshwara believes in complete unorthodox lifestyle.

We all know that Shiva is supreme vairagi who likes to roaming from one place to another place.

Many times it happened that he left Kailash for several years and suddenly returns back without informing anyone.

One day Shiva left Kailash without telling anyone the reason for his departure. Goddess Parvati was aware that Shiva went for his excursion.

She decides to take bath and appoints Bull Nandi to guard the door. Nandi devotedly accepts his responsibility and let no one pass from the door.

Without any prior messages to anyone, Shiva returns to Kailash Parvat and decides to go to another side of the door where Nandi was appointed by goddess Parvati.

Nandi sees Lord coming towards him. He gives passage to Shiva without asking him anything so that Lord Shiva could easily pass through the door.

since Nandi's loyalty towards Shiva is first , therefore, Goddess Parvati decides something that she needs a son who could be equivalent loyal to Nandi but his loyalty should be first towards her.

Goddess Parvati collects the clay and builds a sculpture of a boy. After that, she puts yellowish turmeric paste on it.

She carefully moulded the clay and ended by making a cute little boy. The boy had sweet chubby cheeks.

Goddess Parvati was very pleased by her creation. So she decides to give it a life.

That clay sculpture comes to life and greets Goddess Parvati as his mother. By seeing her son, Goddess Parvati gets ecstatic.

That little cute boy was full of energy and completely devoted towards his mother Parvati.

Since Goddess Parvati hands and clothes were gotten dirty while making her son sculpture.

She decides to take another bath and appoints her chubby son to guard the door. Goddess order her son to not letting anyone passing the door.

The young boy accepts the commands of his mother. Now the young boy has never seen Shiva as he was just born neither he had any idea who was Shiva?

Suddenly a big man comes towards him. He had trident on his hand and snake around his neck.

Shiva looks at the little Kid and thinks who is it? Little kid stops the path of Shiva and requests Shiva to stop right there.

Shiva tells him that he is Lord Shiva and this Kailash is owned by him. Even the door which little boy was guarding is owned by him.

The boy still stops Shiva, this makes shiva furious, Shiva orders Nandi to put the little kid side so that he could pass the door.

The little kid attacks Nandi and other ganas by hurting them. A terrible battle gets started between Shiva ganas and little kid.

Little kid defeats the ganas and Shiva gets furious on little kid. Shiva holds his trident and decapitates boy's head.

The boy shouts loudly, Parvati listens to her son's voice. She comes out of the door and sees her son without a head.

After that Parvati shouts what happened to you, my Son? who did this?

As we all know goddess Parvati is the manifestation of Adishakti which is also known by the name of Parashakti.

Shiva wonders why Parvati is calling that boy his son? Parvati tells that she has created him with clay and turmeric.

Parvati gets angry and tells Shiva to bring him back into the life.

With every passing moment, Goddess Parvati gets angrier and decides to destroy the whole Creation of Lord Brahma.

Brahma and Vishnu appear on Mount Kailash and request goddess to calm down. But goddess Parvati's anger reaches its height.

Lord Vishnu requests Shiva to make goddess Parvati calm down. Shiva realizes that he did a mistake.

Shiva calls his Ganas and orders them to bring a head of a newly born animal from jungle whose face should be facing towards north direction.

Nandi and other ganas brings a head of a little elephant and gives it to Shiva. Shiva puts it back into the head of little boy and boy gets back into life.

After seeing her son getting back into life Parvati's anger get reduces. She tells to her son that Shiva is your father.

The little elephant-headed kid seeks an apology from his father and Shiva tells him that dear son from today's you will be known as Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacle.

Lord Ganesha gives thank to his father Shiva for returning him to his life. Nandi hail the name of Lord Ganesha and everybody gets delighted to see Lord Ganesha back into life.


On this post, we have defined How Lord Ganesha came into life and How he got elephant head.

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