10 important life lesson to learn from Shiva

10 important life lesson to learn from Shiva

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Whenever I see flowing river stream anywhere in the world, I feel so good. I realize that river water flows continually no one has the power to stop or change its direction. Obviously, we could construct dams and bridges to store their water for a small frame of time but that doesn't mean that we could control flood. It is the strength of nature which makes human helpless in front of her. So we should give equivalent respect to nature by planting more tree and by not dumping human waste to rivers.

Indians are crazy but in a good way

Most of my readers will agree with me that we Indians are a crazy little bit but in a good way. We value spirituality and humanitarian bonds with everyone. We worship trees for giving us oxygen, fruits and taking out carbon dioxide.

We worship rivers for becoming the life line. We worship almost everything from Sun, Moon to constellations; it is our way to thank Nature in every possible way. This feeling of respecting nature makes INDIA so diverse and colorful. It connects human mind with Soul.

Let's talk about Shiva and his management lessons

He is beyond human consciousness, and I have no abilities to define persona of Shiva, He is guiltless Maheshwara means Maha - Iswara. Even his devotees cannot describe him properly. Shiva is the deepest thought of the meditational process. There is an ocean of things which makes him so dear to everyone.

However, there are some lessons which we could learn from Shiva which has the ability to make this world a better place for everyone.

I feel that soul is eternal and life is such an amazing gift of God given to humans. I cannot afford to waste this wonderful gift. Few things are coming in my mind regarding my last year visit to my village in the Himalayas. Yes, I am a Himalayan who knows how white snowy Himalaya’s looks like when first sunlight falls in it. It is the time when white snowy ice becomes yellow and this view remains only for 5 to 7 minutes.

It is the most amazing view which connects you to the divine spirituality and somewhere it connects me to Shiva. SHIVA, What should I tell you about him? Should I tell you about his Charm or should I tell you why he is so special that the whole world celebrate Mahashivratri twice in a year? There are lots of things already written on him. Every time you write more about Shiva you feel that Shiva could not be bounded in words.

Mighty Shiva

However, there are some lessons which we could learn from Shiva which has the ability to make this world a better place for everyone.

1 - Be the ideal Lover or Best husband -

Shiva is known for living supreme ascetic life. He is boundless, omniscient yogi (Adiyogi) who lives in extreme weather conditions which define his love for being a vairagya founder (Founder of dispassion) from the world. Goddess Parvati is the better half of Lord Shiva.

Shiva is regarded as the Man. Parvati beloved wife of Shiva is regarded as Nature. Nature cures - nourishes and looks after him. Similarly, Shiva takes care of Parvati. It makes clear sense why Shiva lives in the sacred mount of Kailash where he meditates all alone because he wants to remain surrounded by nature.

2 Gender equality -

Shiva is the spouse with goddess Parvati both are considered and worshiped all over the world as the ideal couple. Although both are the part of same energy flux which defines that Goddess resides in Shiva as Shakti and both completes each other as Ardhnarieshwar. Shiva gives equal respect to goddess Parvati. He includes goddess Parvati in making every decision. There will be no Shiva without Shakti.

Shiva parvati

3 Simplicity is the best ornament -

There is the reason why Shiva is considered as Lord of Lords Devon k Dev. It simply because of his simplicity.

There are no specific rules and traditions to worship Shiva. Anyone can connect with him easily. .

That's the reason why 90% of Indian population and much more around the globe believe on him. Shiva never said anyone to worship him. He is the supreme still innocent yogi who is always being a giver from yoga, Ayurveda, Classic Dances, Vigyaan (science), Arth Shastra (Economy), Jyotish (astronomy) to so many others.

A person who has reverence for Shiva can easily achieve him. He get's delighted by just offering a bilva leaf and Water consecration.

har har mahadev

4 Management Lesson from Shiva -

Shiva handles the entire exceptional cosmic phenomena and lets people perform their karmas. Shiva tells the easiest way to purify soul and Karma. Shiva Appointed Shani Dev (Saturn deity who is originated from Shiva ) to do justice to people based on their karmas.

He almost appointed someone on specific positions to perform their defined task. When someone does injustice with anyone and crosses all the limits. Shiva interferes as destroyer or catastrophe in mystic form to diminish evil through a process. Veerbhadra or Rudra avatar does all the work for Shiva.

Shani and Shiva

5 Unbiased Shiva -

Immortal Shiva is not just kind; he is one of the biggest protectors of Dharma. Still, Shiva remains unbiased towards everyone and does all his work freely.

Demon King Ravana was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva. He did the hardest penance in reverence of Shiva. He created something special for him knowns as Shiva tandava stotram for pleasing Lord Shiva .

Shiva gave him power beyond his expectation. Although Shiva knew that giving so much power to Ravana as boon will effect harmony of saints. Ravana will use these divine powers to spread destructive force all around the world. So Shiva took birth as 11 Rudra avatar as Hanuman Himself and helped Lord Ram to win the war against Ravana. Shiva Leela is so incredible.

Ravan and Shiva

6 - Always aware of everything happening around you

Shiva has the third eye in his forehead. His third eye is always depicted as the catastrophe whenever he opens it. Actually, Shiva third eye is the root of cosmic sensation and supreme consciousness.

Even humans are blessed with this sensation which is called as the sixth sense control by our pineal gland. Yoga and meditation can invoke the cosmic energy of this cosmic sensation.

So third eye is not the physical thing. It is the way perception of inner as well as the outer vision which keeps aware us whatever happening all around us. Shiv Yoga can lead you to enlighten your Chakras of Kundalini which can invoke your Agna chakra to make your third eye active in your forehead.

Third eye of Shiva

7 Have peace of mind -

Goddess Parvati is the beloved wife of Shiva. Parvati is the manifestation of the Shakti | Urza | Energy. Shakti is the feminine energy form of Shiva regarded as Nature. Whereas Shiva is regarded as Man. Obviously, nature loves the man; Shakti incarnated herself two times to morph in the human body to marry Shiva.

First as Goddess Sati and second as Goddess Parvati. Unfortunately, Sati gave up her life when her father Daksha who was one of the greatest haters of Shiva insulted Shiva on a huge gathering.

Once Sage Narad asked Shiva that
Daksha hates you so much my lord why don't you do something about it? - Sage Narad

Shiva replied on that
If someone hates me it's not my problem, It's their problem, I cannot hate anyone. - Shiva

Peace of mind
8 Be boundless or limitless -

Imagine about a Yogi who is sitting on a top of the rock in the extreme freezing conditions meditating without disturbing anyone who told him to sit there on that place and meditates.

This defines that those extreme weather conditions have no impact on his concentration. This defines the omniscient attribute of his divine entity which is limitless and boundless. Shiva is boundless still tied with the thin thread of devotion with his devotees who start dancing by just hearing his name SHIVAAAA. They see shiva inside as well as outside their torso. .

Shiva yogi

9 Love nature -

He is the one, who is free from chakra of time & karma. Only known god who lives on the earth according to Vedas and Puranas. Shiva lives in the white snowy mount of Kailash. Means he is surrounded by mountains and river streams flowing around him or even Holy river Ganga originating from him and flowing from his matted hair locks.

He doesn't wear the golden robes or hardly wears any jewelry like other kings. There is the snake Vasuki around his neck which made ratsbanes snake equivalent to his divine entity. In India whenever a snake is seen around Shivling or Shivalyas people use to worship them as the entity of Shiva.

10 Be a savior -

(Yatr Tatra Sarvatra Avinashi Shiva). Shiva is here, Shiva is there, He is everywhere; the Immortal one; who is the center of cosmic phenomena. Shiva is the patron of the whole universe he protected the universe many times. Who can forget his name as Neelkanth? The man with blue neck who drank the cosmic poison to save the entire universe from its effect.

Every skill & knowledge is originated from him. Who is always being a giver never expected anything from anyone? A Philosopher, Teacher. Lover, Father, Friend, Server so many roles he played in making this world a better place for everyone.



Shiva has so many virtues which are authentic for ideal life style. He is simple, innocent, supreme consciousness, giver of Yoga and Meditation etc who never asked anything in return. There is a reason why people call him Mahadeva which means lord of lords

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