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The Kindness of Shiva

The kindness of Lord Shiva is not a matter to express. It is the subject to feel.

On this post, we are going to give the examples which will put kindness of Lord Shiva in front of those people who are interested in knowing about it.

But before that let's understand the true meaning of Shiva.

Meaning of Shiva

Firstly, hail to the glory of Shiva, I bow down in the feet soil of mighty Shiva.

Shiva means the one who is auspicious and merciful. The one who resides within everyone, you can easily find him in your consciousness.

In case, if you are curious to examine his presence within you. Then try to chant Om Namah Shivaya with complete devotion towards him.

You will surely, start experiencing Shiva's presence around you.

He is neither indefinite nor has a definite form but operates in the mystic form in which his devotees believes on him.

In his physical form, he is Aghori Shiva. Being the first yogi, he is the giver of everything including Yoga as well as Moksha.

Still, for blessing this world, he made Mount Kailash his abode. Shiva is not just God, but the god of the gods and everything depends on Mahadev's wish.

Shiva who is omniscient, infinite, kind and most importantly is that there is no father of Lord Shiva.

Now, let's know something about the kindness of Shiva.

After reading it, there are chances that you will start admiring the qualities of Lord Shiva. You will realize, why Shiva is kind and winsome.

1 - ) Story of a rabbit

Once upon a time in a dense forest, There was a white rabbit, who was very mischievous.

The leader of their community told him to stay with the community. In honoring their group leader, they used to call him their lord.

One day in search of food, he decided to leave his community.

He goes to another side of the forest fence and sees a lot of food. He gets delighted and decides to inform his community about the new food resource.

As soon he decides to return from there. A big white color wolf comes there.

He sees a white rabbit and decides to eat it as his supper. The white rabbit gets scared and decides to run in opposite direction.

Wolf starts following him; he runs behind the rabbit.

rabbit and wolf

source - jwhitesensei

While running, Rabbit enters into a Shivalaya and starts running around the Lingam. He was repeating, only one determination Oh Lord, please protect me.

He completes a turn around the lingam, but wolf catches him with his neck. Immediately Shiva appears there. Mahadev orders the wolf to leave the rabbit alone as rabbit took a turn around of the lingam.

Unknowingly rabbit worshipped Shiva and Shiva appeared immediately to protect his devotee.

That is the kindness of Lord Shiva.

2 - ) Story of a thief

Once upon a time, there was a thief whose work was to rob the people's house in the midnight.

The important thing has he never hurt anyone while robbing a house.

He was an atheist who never worshipped any form of the divinity.

One day he came to know that the people of their village offered a golden Chatra to Shivlingam.

He decides to rob it. He visits Shivalaya in midnight.

There was a water utensil in the Shivalaya filled with water on it.

By stumble, the utensil drops on the lingam.

The thief decides to stand on the lingam to comfortably take out the Chatra.

Suddenly, the voice of Damroo starts coming in his ears, he gets scared, because nobody was there with him except Shivling.

He befalls down on the ground and, starts experiencing heart heaviness.

In his fear, he starts to dwindle. One by one all his past sins start rolling out into his eyes.

He realizes his past committed sins which breaks down him. He looks at the Shivlingam and folds his hands with experiencing Shiva within him.

He decides to become an honest man and leave all kind of bad accomplishments.

Shiva appears in the form of common sage and blesses the thief. The thief starts weeping on the feet of Shiva and Shiva wipe out the tears.

Shiva talks with him and eventually, thief asks Shiva, why you appeared in front of me.

Whereas I never worshipped you as your devotee, I am a sinner.

Why you appeared to me and blessed me?

Shiva - I never differentiate my devotee basis of their Karma, custom, birth, gender, creed, color.

Therefore everyone is dear to me.

Theif - You have so many devotees who keep worshipping you day and night.

Why didn't you appear to them?

The Time you poured water on me and stand on Shivlingam in that precise moment, you volunteered yourself to me. Offering yourself to Lord is the true devotion, my child.

Whereas, my other devotees still, have to complete devotion on me.

Shiva - The day they will have complete reverence for me, I will appear in front of them as well.

This incident proves the kindness of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is known for his simplicity and calmness. His devotees call him Ashutosh which mean the one who gets easily pleased.

It is the reason why Shiva devotees call him Bholenath. The one who owns the entire process of Creation and destruction.

There are many lessons which you could learn from Shiva.

The shakti which flows in your navel is the strength of him. He is always kind, the one who distributes the nectar to others and accepts the cosmic poison for himself.

Have you ever heard or seen anyone doing anything like that. Therefore, he is Mahadev.


There is no one like Shiva, Lord Shiva is unique and an epitome of kindness.

If you are curious to know more, The kindness of Lord Shiva is briefly defined the in the Vedic text.

I advise you to read them with true devotion towards Shiva.

If you liked the post, please feel free to share it. We will be thankful for your kindness.

Please keep smiling and stay blessed.

Sharing is Caring.

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