Phenomenal Kailash abode of shiva

Phenomenal Mount Kailash shiva abode

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Vedas defines the importance of mount Kailash very well. Kailash abode of shiva is so Distinctive that Nature herself proves the presence of Shiva on mount Kailash

Before getting started Prayer to Shiva Shakti
Thank you, Shiva

There are many lessons we can learn from Shiva.

Thanks for all your grace and blessing. My Lord, My Master, My Karma every those entity which defines me as the part of this universe lives on the sacred Kailash abode of Shiva. Shivashakti

Sarveshwaraya, Sadashivaay, Vishweshwaraya, Mahadevaya Namah, Tryambakaya, Tripurantakaya, Adi-devaya, Tri-Ek-agni kalaya, kal-Agni Rudraya, Neelkanthaya,

Mrituynjaya, Gauri shankaraya, Paremeswaraya .. Mahadevaya Namah, Mahadevaya Namah, Mahadevaya Namah, Mahadevaya Namah, Mahadevaya Namah, Mahadevaya Namah,

  • Kailash abode of shiva Location - China

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+31° 3' 55.43", +81° 18' 42.94

Lord Shiva Kailash map

My bond with Kailash abode of shiva

Lot's of thing have been already written for mighty mount Kailash Shiva's abode. Sometimes there are things which can't be described in words.

Same thing happens to me whenever I think of Kailash Parvat .

Mighty Kailash

Here I am talking about faith.

Let me define Faith first "for someone, it could be an opportunity to discover which is yet to be discovered.

It could be spiritual as well as scientific.

For me, it is my belief that my faith will become a medium to connect me with the higher consciousness whether it is my dream or ambition" Life is really so beautiful; it becomes more blissful when you see it in the wider version.

Whenever I close my eyes and meditates upon mount Kailash Shiva certain kind of vibes enters in my mind and slowly - slowly moves to the entire body.

It is the certain kind of consciousness which takes me to the transient phase. So I thought, It will be better to call it certain kind of transformation which makes me feel so unified with his divinity.

In scientific term this process is related to Kundalini Yoga Shakti.

I feel myself so close to the bottom of the pious white looking mount Kailash abode of shiva.

Keep calm and have faith on Shiva

It is just the matter of the attachment which takes me to spiritual journey; where I feel the divine connection with the supreme.

Before writing this post, I isolated myself from everyone, I just set myself free, I was not thinking about any writing skill or any other phenomena happening inside or and outside my body or even in the outer world.

It was an amazing feeling, filled with mysterious waves. I didn't realize that how much time has been passed while sitting in meditation.

This whole process fills me with great joy and enhances my focus when I come out of meditation.

The only thing which keeps revolving in mind is the chant of OM namah Shivaya

It was certain kind of cosmic energy or It may be my inner voice which was connecting me with something which is bigger than mine linguistic dimensions.

Mysteries related to Kailash abode of shiva

There are few Mysteries related to Kailash abode of shiva which are defined below

Sunrise on Mount Kailash

1 - Cosmic radiation around mount Kailash Shiva

Shiva is known as Hindu god of Destruction. According to the ancient text, Mount Kailash is shiva abode; Vedas and Upanishad had clearly stated that energy is required for destruction.

This cosmic phenomenon of destruction is followed by Creation in vice versa.

Both Creation and Destruction follow each other in the cyclic process which requires energy or Urza to occur .

It is a kind of Shiva element which resides inside atom which makes electron to keep revolving around the nucleus.

Shiva himself is that cosmic energy.

When Atom bomb was invented by J Robert Oppenheimer. He observed the potential of the atomic bomb by testing the first explosion.

He cites the quote of Bagvat Gita
"I have become Death, Destroyer of the world. - J Robert Oppenheimer"

This is what Shiva is known for Cosmic Energy and Destruction . It may be the reason why Mount Kailash is surrounded by cosmic energy or Radiation.

Shiva himself is that cosmic energy.

2 - Kailash abode of shiva Looks Like a Huge pyramid

Mighty Kailash abode of shiva is so beautiful. Kailash Parvat first glimpse can Leave you spellbound. It looks like a huge pyramid according to visitors.

Mount Kailash is the mightiest structure you will ever see. You cannot ask for more after seeing the sacred mount. It is just incredible feeling to see it.

Lot's of researcher believes that Someone has built it. But how is that possible to construct such a mighty structure. Even today's science may not be capable of constructing such humongous construction.

Many believe that some strange forces are still living there and it is kind of ladder structure there which makes them easy to operate mystically.

Kailash Shiva

3 - Super natural experiences on mount Kailash shiva abode

Many mountaineers, climbers tried to climb Mount Kailash but no one succeeded. Some of them lost their life due to mystic reason while some died attempting to climb it.

It is said that Mount Kailash is not stable it is continuously displacing from it places.

When someone tries to climb it forcefully some sudden unknown snow storm or avalanche stops them and make them impossible to complete their journey.

Nature protects sacred mount, It is a kind of union between divinity and nature.

Both collectively called the cosmic Shakti.

Vedas states that a person who has never committed any sin can only climb Mount Kailash which makes it an impossible task.

On the other side, China govt forbade the climbing of Mount Kailash in respect of human faiths.

4 - Kailash Center of the earth

It is strange to believe but the harsh reality that mount Kailash is the center of the earth.

Its geographical position in comparison to other ancient monument is exactly the same which is 6666 km.

Even Distance between Kailash and Earth poles is same 6666 km.

It is real fact that Mount Kailash is in sync with all other ancient monuments including Stonehenge, Northpole, Pyramids of Egypt, Bermuda triangle.

Now let's understand it clearly. The distance between ancient monuments and Kailash is exactly 6666km.

  1. North pole to Kailash – 6666 Km
  2. Stonehenge to Kailash – 6666 Km
  3. Egyptian pyramids to North pole – 6666 Km
  4. Stonehenge to Bermuda triangle – 6666 Km
  5. Bermuda triangle to Easter island – 6666 Km
  6. Easter island to Tazumal – 6666 Km

5 - Easter Island Gigantic Idols Facing Mount Kailash

Easter Island is located exactly opposite side of the globe, Easter Island is famous for huge gigantic stone idols.

Nobody knows from where these gigantic stone idols have been come from but one thing is sure they are in one rows and facing towards the pious mount Kailash shiva abode.

It could be very interesting to know that mount Kailash controls the Easter Island.

Easter Island Gigantic Idols Facing Mount Kailash Easter Island gigantic stone idols Courtesy -

6 - Time travels too Fast on mount Kailash Shiva realm

As we already know that Shiva is not bounded by the wheel of time and Karmas so as sacred mount Kailash.

People experienced that Time runs too fast on Kailash.

It is very interesting that spending 12 hours near Mount Kailash is equivalent to spending 14 days.

People have noticed the rapid aging and exceptional Nail growth which is uncommon to any part of the world.

7 - Mystic Lake of Mansarovar

Shiva is regarded as the most innocent and naive Lord of lords as Mahadeva . He treated everybody with the same value.

Even demons followed Shiva as their ESST Dev. Ravana was one of the biggest devotees of Shiva. He created Shiva Tandava Stotram in reverence of Lord Shiva.

Shiva never had discrimination among his devotees whether they are demigods (Sura) or demons (Asura ). Similarly, Kailash has two mystic water lakes Mansarovar lake which is considered as divine and Rakshas lake which is considered as devil lake.

It is believed that these two lakes are the balance of Good and Bad. Most interesting thing to note here is that Lake Mansarovar water is holy, It is always fresh and clean.

It could be used for drinking but Asura lake water is sour and alkaline. They are just next to each other still such a huge differences among their properties. Touching Asura tal is prohibited.

Mystic Lake of Mansarovar


Vedas defines the significance of Kailash Shiva abode very well.

Nature herself proves the presence of Shiva on Mount Kailash.

Even Om Parvat is also one of the major sacred mountain which signatures the presence of Shiva. A person who is pure from his Karma and soul can have the ecstatic feeling of Shiva Presence.

Although Shiva is present everywhere still Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva.

Om Parvat om Parvat courtesy-

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