Facts and stories related to Kailash Parvat

Facts and stories related to Kailash Parvat

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Facts and stories related to Kailash Parvat

On this post, we have defined Facts and stories related to Kailash Parvat into two portions.

Location of Kailash Parvat

Kailash Parvat is located in China +31° 3' 55.43", +81° 18' 42.94 .

Sentiments associated with Kailash Parvat

By respecting the human beliefs and sentiments associated with mt Kailash govt of China banned the alpinists to climb Kailash Parvat.

Kailash Parvat name is enough to fill sages with ecstasy. Every Yogi and Rishis around the globe have the close relationship with Kailash Parvat. Nature herself proves the presence of Shiva on Phenomenal Mount Kailash Abode of Shiva.

Who climbed kailash parvat

No one has ever climbed Kailash Parvat in Kalyuga. Many Mountaineers tried to climb Kailash Parvat but no one succeed. Among them dr Ernst Muldashev the Russian oculist said that Kailash Parvat is the manmade pyramid.

He has also said that while doing his attempt to climb Kailash Parvat with his team of experts mountaineers including scientists, geologist, archaeologist, doctors etc.

He felt that some kind of divine force made them stopped their mountaineering.

He stated that climate was appropriate for mountaineering when he started his journey but when he tried to climb the mountain it started the heavy snowfall which came from nowhere.

He had no idea how snowfall happened and after the snowfall, the temperature started freezing with fog.

The whole thing made it impossible for them to continue their mountaineering on Kailash Parvat. After some time Dr inner consciousness made him realize that Kailash Parvat is not an ordinary mountain.

They shouldn't be there; It is the sacred mountain which is right now not allowing them to climb on it. So they should not try to climb it further and return back.

Their whole team concluded that they have felt the presence of divine force their which made them stop their mountaineering. They reported paranormal activities on Kailash Parvat.

They further defined that Kailash Parvat is the Manmade Pyramid which is constructed by some kind of metahumans whose technology is far superior in comparison to our latest technology. By taking all point into consideration, Govt of China rejected their theory.

Many more people tried to climb mount Kailash but failed tremendously. Some of them even reached behind a fixed human point and returned from there. Later on, they faced rapid aging a died within a Year.

Kailash sunrise

Significance of Kailash Parvat in Vedas and epics

Importance of Kailash Parvat is mentioned in our epics and Vedas including Ramayana and Mahabharat. Great sages like sage Markandeya , sage Dadhichi , sage Agastya is known for climbing Kailash Parvat.

One of the strongest ally of Lord Hanuman known by the name of monkey king Sugriva; once send his army all over the globe in search of goddess Sita, Spouse of Lord Rama. She was subducted by the demon king Ravana. Demon king Ravana was one of the biggest devotees of Lord Shiva. He created Shiva tandav stotra in reverence of Rudra

Monkey king Sugriva army even reached the bottom of Kailash Parvat. The Chanting of Ram Naam & Har Har Mahadev gave them strength to bear the adverse climate of Kailash Parvat.

Kailash Parvat is also associated with Bal Hanuman birth When on mount Kailash Lord Shiva took the name of the celestial father of Maruti and gave him the fireball to deliver it to Anjana and Kesari.

There are so many Mysteries also associated with Kailash Parvat
  1. Kailash Parvat is the Center of the Earth.
  2. Certain kind of Cosmic radiation always keeps surrounding the Kailash Parvat.
  3. Kailash Parvat is the huge mandmade pyramid and super meta-humans lives there whose technology is far ahead of our modern technology.
  4. Why aging get's too fast there. People noticed the rapid growth of nails and hair.
  5. Paranormal activities associated with Mount Kailash
  6. Mystic Lake of Mansarovar, Kailash Parvat have two lakes one is Rakshas Taal (Demon Lake) and Dev Taal (Divine Taal). Demon lake water is sour and alkaline in nature whereas de Dev Taal water is appropriate for human consumption.

Small story associated with Kailash Parvat

Lord Shiva is regarded as the Hindu god of destruction . The omniscient Shiva is Lord of Lord hence known as Mahadeva.

Lord Shiva persona is so charismatic he looks so tough from the outer dimension but the people who have reverence for him know about his innocence and sweetness. They even call him Bholenath which means Guiltless Shiva.

Shiva is the shapeless, boundless and limitless transformer, In his iconographical representation of Rudra. Lord Shiva holds the pious river Ganga on his heads and known by the name of Gangadhar.

The destroyer of darkness and evil Lord Shiva is the primary form of divine entity in the Sanatana Dharma that Trinity (Trimurti - Brahma Vishnu Mahesh) is complete without him.

Shiva shares a cosmic bond of affection with Lord Visnu hence Shiva is known by the name of Vishnu-Vallabh (means the Shiva is most dear to Lord Vishnu).

The bond of affection between Vishnu and Shiva is so strong that even on the continuous request of Rishis and demi-God Shiva didn't accept the marriage proposal but on request of Lord Vishnu Shiva accepted the marriage proposal of Himavan daughter Parvati.

Here is a small story associated with the Kailash Parvat where Lord Shiva marriage took place.

Sage Durvasa was one of the most powerful sages who was known for his short temper and curse but his anger and curse always helped the mankind.

Once upon a time when Sage Durvasa came to know about his Lord,Shiva is getting married to the daughter of Himavan Parvati.

He thought to join the celebration and give his salutation to Lord Shiva and Shakti . He started his journey towards Kailash Parvat. On the Kailash, everyone was enjoying the celebration.

The ocean of Shiva devotees came from all three realms to holy mount Kailash to See Shiva as the groom.

Everyone was Chanting Shiva's name and the astonishing sound of pellets drum was pumping all over the Kailash.

It was a beautiful moment when Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara were together for an auspicious event. Shiva followers like Nandi (the Vehicle of Shiva), Shringi, Bringi were smearing Bhasma on Shiva. Then Vishnu and Brahma Smeared Bhasma on Mahadeva and Goddess Saraswati and Laxmi did the Arti of Maheshwara.

Shiva was giving the innocent smile towards everyone. Shiva devotees started drinking Bhaang (cannabis juice). The celebration was huge and everyone was dancing and enjoying.

Sage Durvasa somehow reached on Mount Kailash. He was so tired when he reached Kailash Parvat. His ankle and muscles were exhausted and the pain was unbearable due to the long journey, He even didn't get the place to sit comfortably. He saw everyone is enjoying and dancing.

No one took care of him. They not even greeted him. This raised the anger of Sage Durvasa even Shiva's few devotees mistakenly drop few blob of Bhaang on him. Durvasa anger reached his peak and sage reached to Lord Shiva.

Durvasa Cursed Shiva By saying that your followers are getting so much happy and excited that they even not realizing who is standing next to them. I curse you, Shiva, that when the mother of the bride will see you, she will get unconscious and get scared of you.

After giving the curse to Shiva, Durvasa realized that he did the horrible mistake of cursing his own Lord. Durvasa gets into the deep sorrow.

Shiva cheers him up by saying that Thank you sage. There is no need to get upset with this incident happened right now, It was the part of the Maya.

After listening to Shiva words Durvasa feels enlightened. The Baraat starts from Kailash Parvat and reaches to the palace of Himava (the king of the Himalayas) where Mainawati (Mother in Law) was curiously waiting to see her daughter Parvati Groom.

Sage Narada reaches near Mainawati, She asks Narada is that man wearing yellowish golden robe sitting on Garuda (Eagle) is Shiva? Narada replies no he is Lord Vishnu.

Mother of Goddess Parvati Mainawati again asks I think, The man sitting on 7 headed white elephants is Shiva? Narada replies No, he is the king of demigods Indra with his elephant Airawat.

Then Shiva appears sitting on Nandi the Bull of Shiva. Wrapping himself in animal skin. Wearing Garland of Snakes and smearing Cremation ground ash. Matted hair coils having the third eye on his forehead. Ghost, phantoms, apparition dancing around him.

Mainawati asks Narada Who is this Man? Narada smiles and sweetly replies he is the groom, Lord of Lords Shiva. Mainawati gets scared and says what kind of joke is this. He looks like a barbaric man, how can I let my daughter marry him? No Narada you must be joking with me. Narada again tells her that he is the Groom.

Mother of Parvati calls Himavan and tells him that she could not let her daughter getting married to such a man. She get's unconscious by saying that this wedding cannot take place.

Suddenly whole festive atmosphere gets stop but Shiva smiles. On the palace goddess, Parvati through mind vibrations sends the request of meeting Shiva in personal and Shiva accepts.

Shiva meets with Parvati in a grand empty hall, there was a curtain between them. Shiva takes a step closer towards Parvati and on the other side of the curtain Parvati bends her head with a pleasant smile and moves a step towards Shiva.

Parvati says to Shiva -

I promised my mother that You will come in a divine cosmic guise but now by seeing your current guise, she is so much scared of you.

With all the innocence, Shiva says to Parvati -

Parvati what is wrong with my current guise, I always remain in the same guise. I presented myself exactly the way I am. I even used to live on Kailash Pravat on the same appearance. You too accepted me for the same appearance. You loved me the way I m.

Parvati replies to Shiva

It is not just between two of us. I loved your each and every appearance. So there is no question of accepting you're any guise for me. I already accepted my Mahadeva as my everything but it is every mother desire to make her daughter getting married to a handsome man.

Here Shiva defined the definition of real beauty to Parvati

Parvati What is the complete definition of beauty. A little child who is ugly according to the measurement of society and people is always dear to his mother. Then whose vision is important Parvati, A mother's vision towards her child or Society vision towards that little child?

Outer beauty measurement scale is different for every person. So how it could be concluded what is beautiful what is not? Parents need to understand one thing that inner beauty is most important than outer beauty because inner beauty is eternal whereas outer beauty gets faded with passing time.

Parvati get's agree on Shiva words and replies sweetly.

This is the real truth, Common human minds are not aware of the universal truth otherwise they may become the god. My mother is from those one common people who could not understand the importance of inner beauty.

Now she wanted me to not get married to you. She wanted me to get married the most handsome man on the earth but I know that there is no one handsome like you in the whole cosmos.

After such a conversation Shiva returns to the door of the palace and waits for Mainawati to get her consciousness.

Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu takes the innocent Shiva with himself and makes him ready for the marriage. Vishnu makes Shiva to wears a beautiful whitish robe with golden jewelry and diamond on Shiva headcover.

Lord Shiva was looking so handsome. Vishnu tells to Shiva that Mahadeva your this avatar will be known by the name of Chandrashekara.

Mainawati get's her sensation back and see's Shiva on his royal look. Mainawati apologizes for her mistake of not letting Parvati to get married to Shiva. Grand ceremony of Shiva and Parvati marriage takes place. After getting married to Shiva Parvati goes to Kailash Parvat with Lord Shiva as her husband.

In Sanatana Dharma that auspicious day is celebrated as MahaShivratri.



This post is based on Kailash Parvat. The whole article is framed in two parts.

On the first part, we have defined mystery associated with Kailash Parvat. On the second part, we defined story associated with the curse of Sage Durvasa which ultimately result in the benefit of mankind.

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