How to connect with Lord Shiva?

How to connect with Lord Shiva? Source Instagram - mahakaalfanclub

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How to connect with Lord Shiva?

One of the most exciting questions which can fill your life with ecstasy is How to connect with Lord Shiva?

When somebody says Rudra, they mean, they are talking about Lord Shiva who is Nirakar param Brahma.

Have you ever seen people wearing Rudraksha bead on their armor or garland?

They all are the representation of the walking Rudra around us.

Shiva is the one for whom devotees are crazy.

Everything related to Shiva is excellent.

There are many compelling facts linked to Shiva which are unconditionally mesmerizing

The facts which take you towards vairagya.

The joy of being a Vairagi could be understood only by those who know the true meaning of Vairagya.

Most of the time people misunderstood it. It doesn't mean to leave family and responsibilities.

It is like living apart from the materialistic world but at the same time fulfilling all your responsibilities.

For enjoying that purity and sweetness in your life, you need to be one of them.

Knowing the Qualities of Lord Shiva can bless our lives with positivity

Therefore, his devotees want to maintain every quality of Shiva in them.

Only his devotee knows how much kind he is? In regards, they call him Bholenath .

Being a Shiva devotee is a lifelong party where you don't need marijuana and alcohol to celebrate. The Mantra Om Namah Shivaya is enough for them.

There is a massive misunderstanding in people that Shiva likes to getting being intoxicated.

Whereas, Shiva never told anyone to consume the toxic substance.

Instead of consuming the toxic substance, you offer your toxicity to Shiva in the form of weed and Shiva frees you from your wickedness.

Therefore, there is a large variety in the list of Shiva devotees.

You can worship Shiva in any form without any limitations.

That is why he is not limited to any religion? He doesn't have any direct connection with any ritual and tradition.

How to get connected with Shiva infographic

Aghori Shiva is unconditionally free from extremism.

Hence, there is no one like Shiva, When you offer a simple Bilva Patra on lingam with pure devotion, he becomes happy.

Shiva is the giver of the strength & courage to the Warriors. They worship him as the ultimate destroyer of the Darkness.

Shiva is the supreme form of divinity; sometimes words are not enough to define the greatness of Lord Shiva.

If you ever meet a devotee of Shiva, You will find the joy in his / her eyes. There are so many reasons why these people admire Mahadev.

Now the question comes, how to connect with Shiva?

There are two ways to connect with Shiva

  1. Bhakti marga means the path of devotion.
  2. Gyan marga means the path of knowledge

[ A ] Bhakti marga to connecting with Lord Shiva?

I believe that it gets easier to connect with Shiva through Bhakti Marga over Gyan Marga. But both have their respective path which leads toward Shiva.

i) Have reverence on Shiva -

Have complete faith in Lord Shiva.

You will not require any specific knowledge for understanding Shiva. He is already within you.

You only need to invoke your consciousness and, he will get wake inside you.

The Bond between Shiva and his devotees is entirely special and, could not be known by others.

There is something specific which makes them sit on meditation for long hours.

You will start observing inner peace and compassion within you after that.

2 ) Pouring water on Shivling

Although, you can visit Shivalaya any day and on anytime.

But visiting Shivalaya especially on Monday and Pouring water on Shivling connects you with Lord Shiva.

3 ) Chanting Om Namah Shivaya

It is advisable to chant OM Namah Shivaya. It means you are surrendering yourself to auspiciousness and infinity.

Om Namah Shivaya is Panchakshari mantra which includes all the five primary elements like Water, Air, Fire, sky, soil.

Chanting Om Namah Shivaya has a psychological or physiological effect on our body.

It is also helpful in the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti Yoga .

4 ) Helping others in need

Helping people in need is what gives happiness to Shiva more.

That is what true devotion towards God of Gods.

5) By not creating pollution and wastage

Lord Shiva is a nature lover. He loves to reside on Mount Kailash and, there is the moon on his head.

Moreover, that Holy River Ganga originates from Shiva's head.

It is crucial for Shiva's devotees to not dump polluting substance into the river and most importantly, protecting rivers from getting polluted is matter the most.

6 Listening to Shiva bhajan and Shiva Chalisa

Listening to Shiva bhajan and Shiva Chalisa purifies your thought and puts you on the path of righteousness.

Listening to Shiva bhajan and Shiva mantra nourishes your soul, you start feeling lighter.

Moreover, it cleanses air your surrounding which encourages you to meditate upon Lord Shiva.

7 See a glimpse of Shiva in everyone.

Shiva is the destroyer of Ego his devotees never compare people based on their caste, religion, and creed.

For them, everyone is the morph of Shiva.

2 ) Gyan marga [ The path of knowledge ]

Accumulating knowledge about Shiva is the path of Gyan Marga.

It is very imperative to read the authentic source of Lord Shiva.

The source which represents the glory of Shiva.

If someone truly wants to know, how to connect with Shiva through Gyan marga.

Then he/she must read Shiva Maha Puran and Rudra Shahita.

It defines the glory of Shiva beautifully as almighty.

Vedas are the primary source of authentic information.

Firstly start with Rig Veda then move on to others.

The easiest way to collect information about Lord Shiva is to choose Gita Press publication Gorakhpur - They are the authentic source of Lord Shiva books.

Buy Original Books through its Authentic Online Store from Gita Press Book Shop

A few Example of books are -

1- संक्षिप्त शिवपुराण, केवल हिन्दी (ABRIDGED SHIV PURAN, ONLY HINDI)

2- Shri Shiva Leela Vanmali - श्री शिव लीला देवी वनमाली

If you are interested in understanding, how to connect with Lord Shiva through Gyan marga then read Shiva Maha Purana.

‘‘कलयुग में शिव पुराण के श्रवण से बड़ा मोक्ष प्राप्ति का कोई दूसरा सत्कर्म नहीं हैं।’’ - शिव महापुराण" CLICK TO TWEET

Still, I would like to suggest you, choose Bhakti Marga.

You become infinite when you get merged into infinity instead of collecting information.


On this post, we have shared, how someone can connect with Lord Shiva

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Last but not the least, please keep smiling and stay blessed.

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