How parvati won the heart of shiva

How parvati won the heart of shiva

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How parvati won the heart of shiva?

How Parvati won the heart of Shiva is really a beautiful story which defines the true meaning of Love.

Let's get started the Love story of Shiva and Parvati .

After the unfortunate loss of Goddess Sati, Shiva Lefts Mount Kailash and moves towards the Northern Himalayas.

The kingdom of Himavan was snowing that period of time. After reaching to the kingdom of Himavan, Shiva sees a mountain which had a dark cave.

Shiva enters the cave whereas Bull Nandi sits outside the cave and wait for Shiva to come out of the penance.

Several years get the pass away. In the winter's cave remained dark but in summers cave manages to enter the cave.

With the grace of Goddess Shakti, The couple king Himavan, and queen Mainawati get blessed with a divine daughter.

Sage Narada names her Parvati and tells to the king that she is not an ordinary daughter my king. Destiny of your daughter is associated with Mahadeva .

In near future, Shiva will marry your daughter Parvati. This information fills Himavan with great joy.

King Himavan enquires so many questions to Narada

  1. Nobody knows where is Shiva right now?
  2. Previously Shiva was married to goddess Sati but that union remained unsuccessful after the death of Goddess Sati. Now, will Shiva come out of his previous memories?
  3. Shiva is known for his Vairagya, Will he accept my daughter Parvati?

Sage replies to each and every question of King Himavan.

  1. Firstly, you might not know my king that Shambhoo Nath is in your Kingdom and indulged in a deep penance.
  2. The second thing is that your daughter Parvati is the incarnation of goddess Sati .

    Goddess Mahashakti resides in your daughter. Hence Sati and Paravati are the two different morph of the same energy.

    You must know that Lord Shiva, every memory is associated with your daughter.
  3. Now answering your third question my king, Listen to me carefully. Shiva is the Mahadev Shambhoo, Adidev Shambhoo.

    Who is most dear to Lord Vishnu that is why Shiva is known as Vishnu Vallabha.

    Hence Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and all deities with the whole universe are waiting for Mahadev and Parvati wedding.

    Shiva will definitely come out of his Vairagya and accept your daughter as his spouse.

After sorting out King Himavan's every question Narada takes leave from the palace of the king by chantingOm Namo Narayana and Om Namah Shivaya .

Time keeps passing; goddess Parvati's reverence for Shiva keeps growing. Parvati has an intuition that she is somewhere mystically connected to Shiva.

One day, On Sage Dadhichi’s instruction, Parvati decides to visit Shiva's cave.

Sage also informs Goddess Parvati that without Shiva's permission nobody can enter into that cave where Shiva is indulged in meditation .

But your true reverence for Shiva will help you to enter the cave.

Sage tells to Mother Parvati that on her journey; Rudraksha Beads and Bilva leaf will help her.

When Parvati reaches the Cave entrance. She feels a certain kind of cosmic vibes in which she was about to enter.

Bilva leaf and Rudraksha beads get charged as soon they come in contact with Cosmic vibes spread over the cave.

Parvati crosses physiological and psychological barriers to meet Lord Shiva on Dadhichi’s instructions.

Parvati sees the Shadow of a sage sitting on padmasana but the view was not clear for her.

She starts walking towards the Shiva Shadow, meanwhile, her memories of her past life get a recall.

She closes her eyes, In her mind, Parvati hears the voice of Shiva in which Shiva ask Alright Goddess, Tell me who you are?

After listening Shiva's question in her mind, Teardrops start coming from Parvati's eyes.

One by one her past life mistakes come in front of her. She realizes when she was Daughter of King Daksha she was a little bit of arrogant and naive.

How many times she treated Shiva with arrogance. She even forced Shiva to attend her father Yagna in which they were not invited.

Which also became the reason for their separation.

Those memories hurt Parvati emotionally Parvati starts feeling guilty for her past life innocence.

Later that Parvati reminds how beautifully Shiva treated her every time in her past life.

Parvati gets her consciousness back and remembers the beautiful moments happened in past between them.

A sweet pleasant smile comes back to goddess Parvati's face which again fills her with ecstasy.

Aroma of the flowers was passing in the cave and Goddess Parvati reaches more near to the Shiva.

Parvati opens her eyes and clearly sees Shiva sitting on top of a rock. She moves towards Shiva and stops in just front of him.

Parvati's heart gets meltdown by viewing the Shiva in a deep penance. Thinking that Shiva will open his eyes and look at her.

[ She pleads Lord Shiva to teach her how to become a good wife to him ].

Parvati, confess that Shiva's love has the greater authority of divinity for her which made him wait so long for her.

Parvati request Shiva to open his eyes and look at her.

But Shiva didn't open his eyes, Parvati seeks apology for her past life mistakes. She vows that she will not repeat her past life mistakes.

Meanwhile demigods Indra calls the deity of eroticism Kaamdev and KaamDev's wife Rati.

Indra orders them to apply their arrow of eroticism on Shiva when Goddess Parvati is in front of Shiva.

On the other side, Parvati feels a cool breeze which was flying matted hairs of Shiva behind his shoulder.

Kaamdev and KaamDev's wife Rati also enters behind Parvati and aims their arrow towards Shiva.

They were sure that by hitting their erotic arrow on Shiva; Mahadev will definitely look at goddess Parvati.

A pair of arrows hit Shiva's forehead; Shiva opens his third eye slowly.

A beam of intense fire falls on Kaamdev and he turns into the ashes. Parvati gets shocked and scared by the seeing anger of Shiva.

Shiva closes his third eye and again get indulged in the penance. Rati starts weeping by seeing her husband ashes.

Kamdev Bhasma

Rati cursed goddess Parvati that she will never have the happiness of having kids.

Rati also cursed king of demigods, Indra that his throne will never remain stable.

Later sage Narad again enlightens Parvati that Shiva is not ordinary. He is incomparable, the supreme being.

shiva is free from all kind of desires and impurity. To attain Shiva you need to come out of human impurity.

This can be only done if you activate your Kundalini Yoga shakti or Chakras of your body.

This is possible only by performing the deepest level of Penance and having an exceptional amount of faith in Shiva.

Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu meets with Lord Shiva and tries to convince Shiva that at least Shiva should give a chance to Parvati to prove her divinity.

Shiva tells to Lord Vishnu that Parvati is still bounded in human limitations. She has still not surpassed past life egoistic nature. Hence she doesn't fulfill the eligibility to marry him.

On Lord Vishu's request, Shiva gets to agree to give a Chance to Parvati.

Parvati again reaches to the cave where Shiva was indulged in the penance and takes a vow that she will definitely achieve Shiva as her husband.

While returning from the Cave, Vehicle of Shiva, Nandi meets Parvati as a stranger.

Nandi advises Parvati that instead of following the path of Love, She must go through the path of devotion.

Nandi tells to Parvati that Mahadeva is so ingenious that he himself can't stop his devotees from worshipping him.

By following the path of devotion anybody can reach up to Shiva. Parvati understands the meaning of Nandi

Goddess Parvati reaches to her palace where King Himavan presents her a grand golden Shivalinga.

King Himavan organizes so many worshipping stuff like fruits, clothing like the jewelry, pearls. golden robe and varieties of sweets.

Parvati gets delighted to see arrangement made by her father Himavan for her so that she could worship Shiva.

Parvati smiles and greets her father for his efforts. With a pleasant smile, Parvati defines her father that Shiva is a Vairagi.

Shiva has nothing to do with sweets, fruits, and these golden robes. Shiva is Bholenath who loves simplicity like Bel leaves.

Goddess Parvati defines that she will construct mud Shiva Linga with her own hands to worship Shiva.

Parvati collects bel leaves and mud from the jungle and reaches to her palace where she tries to construct Shiva Linga.

While sitting on the cremation ground shiva gets angrier on Parvati's efforts of worshipping him and shakes the earth by producing earthquakes and storm.

This destroys the Shiv Linga. Parvati tries again and Shiva Linga again destroys.

It becomes impossible for Parvati to worship Shiva.

By seeing Goddess Parvati getting fail again and again. Nandi seeks boon from Shiva.

Lord Shiva restrict Nandi from asking any boon which is related to goddess Parvati success.

Nandi gets depressed.

In Vaikuntha Goddess Lakshmi request Narayana to help Goddess Parvati in difficult times.

In a stranger's guise, Vishnu reaches on the place where Parvati was worshipping Shiva.

Lord Vishnu calls Parvati his Sister and tells that
" Sister, I m a merchant, I was passing through it. Can I have some water so that I can fulfill my thirst?"

Parvati offers some water to the merchant and gives best wishes for his journey.

Before leaving the place, Merchant sees Parvati constructing Shivlinga which getting scatter continuously.

The Merchant requested Parvati that he wants to construct the Shivlinga for her in return of favor done by her on him.

Parvati says that she doesn't know who is he? Then how could she allow to construct Shivling for him?

Merchant states that by tying the protection thread in his arms. She could allow him.

Parvati tied the protection thread in merchant's arm. Merchant constructed a beautiful Shivlinga for Parvati.

Parvati waited for few moments to see Shivling getting scattered but it doesn't got scatter.

This shocked Parvati, she asked the merchant to reveal his identity.

Lord_Vishnu source Hanuman: Da' Damdaar

Merchant gets transformed into Lord Vishnu. Parvati greets Lord Vishnu.

On cremation ground, Shiva states to Vishnu how can I destroy the Shivlinga which is constructed by you.

On the other side, Parvati states to Lord Vishnu that she is happy that Narayan called her sister and came to help her.

She also requested that she wants to construct Shiva lingam by herself without anybody's help.

This Shivling construction by Lord Vishnu turned her victory to defeat. Now she has to construct it again.

Vishnu smiles and gives his consent on goddess Parvati's words.

Shiva gets agree that this behavior of Goddess Parvati is really different from Sati's behavior. Shiva accepts Parvati win.

Shiva reminds to Nandi that now Parvati has to go through the hardest level of penance to achieve me (shiva) as her husband .

On the other side, Parvati decides to implement 16 Somwar fast (16 consecutive Monday fast) which will be followed by hardest penance upon Shiva.


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