Goddess Parvati

Goddess Parvati

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Goddess Parvati

Goddess Parvati is the spouse of Lord Shiva and daughter of the mountain king great Himavan and queen Mainawati.

This post will define the about of Goddess Parvati and her first interaction with Shiva.

Let's get started to know Who is Goddess Parvati?

It all started when goddess Sati soul left the human body and returned to Adishakti.

After the Loss of Goddess Sati, Mahadev Shiva went to the extreme pain and inexpressible agony.

He forgot everything about his divinity and roam over the entire universe with carrying the sati body.

Shiva and shakti Courtesy - Bhargav08 - deviantart

By seeing Shiva's unbearable grief, Lord Vishnu became so sad.

By seeing no way to make Shiva come out of Sati's death, finally, Lord Vishnu cut the Sati's dead body into 51 parts with his Sudarshan Chakra.

Each body part which fell on earth became the shaktiPetha. After that Shiva's realized that Sati is no more hence Shiva appointed Bhairava in each 51 shaktiPetha .

Meanwhile, Shivgans including Nandi, (the bull of Shiva) with ghosts and apparition were weeping on the loss of their Mother Goddess Sati.

Shiva left Kailash Parvat and tried to become isolated from everyone.

Bholenath reached to the kingdom of Himavan.

It was snowing in Himavan kingdom and the temperature was extremely freezing cold when Shiva reached there. Mahadev saw an isolated cave.

It was hard for any human to reach such a freezing location.

Before entering to cave Nandi called the name of Maheswara but Shiva after putting his trident outside the cave entered the cave for meditation.

Nandi decided to wait outside the cave as a Meditating bull.


Many Years have been passed but Shiva stayed in Vairagya and Nandi remained sitting outside the cave waiting for Shiva.

By seeing Shiva's rearmost Vairagya state Demigods and broken Trinity decided to worship Goddess.

Goddess Adishakti appeared in front of them and replied to their request that soon she will take birth as Himavan daughter to marry Shiva.

Mainawati and Himavan wedding took place after Shiva and Sati wedding. Shiva and Sati stayed for few days in the mountains of the kingdom.

First-time when Mainawati saw the goddess Sati, she had an ecstatic feeling of having a daughter, exactly like Sati. She invited Sati and organized a personal feat for her.

Mainawati offered delicious sweet dishes for Sati with a feeling of motherhood for her.

Sati knew the feeling of Mainwati for her. At the time of leaving human body Sati desired to born again as the daughter of the Mainawati.

Meanwhile, Demigods appeared in front of Himavan and Mainawati. They advised the couple to do penance upon the goddess.

In return for their, devotion Goddess has to take birth as their daughter.

They did penance on Goddess precisely and received the desired boon in return for their austerity.

Birth of Goddess Parvati

Mainawati gave birth to the beautiful girl.

The girl was born as the princess of the mountain king, hence Narad named her Parvati (Daughter of the great mountain king).

On the birth of goddess Parvati, demigods showered the petals of the flower on Parvati.

The people of the kingdom were very happy with the birth of the princess Parvati. Slowly- slowly Years keep passing and Parvati attained her womanhood.

Parvati was very beautiful and highly skilled in all the arts, especially in cooking and decoration.

Since her childhood, Parvati loved to chant the panchashakri mantra Om Namah Shivaya and extol Yogi's.

Parvati worshipping to Shiva

On Lord Vishnu orders Sage Dadhichi enlightens Parvati about Shiva. Dadhici gave her a small idol of Shiva and told her to have full faith in Shiva.

Sage Dadhici defined the countless qualities of Shiva to the Parvati.

He told her what is the history of Shiva among Trinity .

He defined about Shiva's immortal, unborn, omniscient, supreme conscious form. Furthur on request of Goddess Parvati sage answered her each and every curiosity related to Shiva.

Why is Shiva known by the name of Rudra? and why Shiva is auspicious That Shiva is too dear to Lord Vishnu that Shiva is known as Vishnu Vallabha.

That idol connected her with Shiva and she loved everything related to Shiva like Bhasma, Bilva leaf, she started meditating upon Shiva.

Her love was pure for Shiva. Whenever the name of the mount Kailash comes in the conversation her heart starts beating fast and eyes get an unlimited amount of Shine.

Her love and devotion kept growing towards Shiva. Sage Dadhichi became the medium in between Shiva and Parvati to which everyone was waiting for.

Sage Dadhichi shared a special bond of affection with both Sati and Parvati.

This bond was a bipolar bond of affection which had two dimensions.

  1. In the first dimension, he sees Parvati and Sati as Shapeless divine entity Adishakti Spouse of Shiva to whom he worships as divine mother.
  2. In the second dimension, Sage Dadhichi sees both Sati and Parvati as the same little child to whom they were too dear as his own daughter.

One day when Himavan and Mainawati were stressed regards Parvati wedding. Sage Narad appeared and saw the palm astrology of Parvati.

He told to the Himavan that your Daughter is special with all the divine attribute. She is human morph of nature.

Her marriage will be a boon to the world.

But she will marry a yogi who will own no home and certainly a Vairagi who loves to smear Bhasma on his body.

After listening to Narad Mainawati fell into Shock she was willing a princely and handsome man for her daughter Goddess Parvati.

Narad Assured to the couple that all these qualities are ressembles to Lord of Lords Mahadeva .

Goddess Parvati gets delighted by listening to Sage Narad words. In her heart, she already assumed Shiva as her husband.

Narad advised Parvati and couple to have faith in Shiva by meditating upon him.

Furthur he told to the king that the Love between Shiva and Parvati will be the highest level of faith and trust which will be worshipped all over the world.

Himavan enquired so many questions to Narad to fulfil his curiosity.

He asked for Narad that I have listened to many sages that Shiva promised Sati that he will never marry any other lady.

Then how will my daughter wedding take place with Shiva?

Narad smiled and replied to Himavana, Dear King in the previous birth your Daughter Parvati was Sati.

It is her Second birth which she took to just complete the previous union.

Narad took leave from King Palace and after that King advised Mainawati to talk Parvati about doing penance to get Shiva as Husband.

When Mainawati reached to Goddess Room and saw the soft glowing skin of Parvati. She found herself incapable to advise her for to perform penance upon Shiva.

Goddess Parvati understood the unspoken words of her mother Mainawati and assured her mother that she will do austerity upon Shiva.

After some time King came to know about a Yogi who came to his kingdom and meditating in one of the isolated cave.

Himavan was confident that yogi could not be anyone else than Shiva. Only Shiva can live on that extreme conditions.

Himavan somehow reached to the cave to welcome Yogi. That Yogi was Shiva in that cave. Himavan welcomes Shiva with full faith & devotion.

Shiva opened his eyes and saw Himavan reverence on him. Shiva smiles and replies to the king that he has come here to meditate and wants no one to disturb him.

Himavan promises to Shiva that no one will come here for creating the disturbance for him but allow him and his daughter to serve their Mahadeva.

Shiva sees the daughter of Himavan, Parvati and closes his eyes Knowing Sati is back as Goddess Parvati.

On continuous request of eye-opening made by Himavan.

Shiva opens his eyes and orders Himavan to come without his daughter Parvati.

Shiva told to Himavan

A lady is the door of Maya, A young lady is a disturbance for a yogi. I m a Yogic person your beautiful daughter is a distraction. Don't let her bring next time.

Himavan was numb by Shiva's words but goddess Parvati took a stand on behalf of her father.

Goddess Parvati - "Oh Lord, Your words define that you too are affected by nature?"

Shiva - " Princess, In reality, I m destroying the nature by my penance. I m free from nature and it's element."

Goddess Parvati - "My Lord Do you know I m the nature? and you are the man without me you are shapeless, inactive. Without me, no one will know about you?"

Shiva smiles -

Shiva - "Parvati seems like you are a follower of Sankya Ideology but you don't know about Vedanta.

You can understand me as Param Brahma who is free from all kind of Maya. You have no impact on me."

Parvati with lot's of innocence for Shiva ask her question

Goddess Parvati -"My lord if you are above Maya and nature then why do you meditate? & why do you get scared when I come near to you?"

Shiva get's delighted by seeing the Goddess Parvati intelligence and replies with to Parvati.

Shiva -" Alright Parvati as you say, I can see your faith in me. Hence whatever provision of this place you want to take over, You can"

Goddess Parvati and Shiva

Goddess Parvati gets delighted by Shiva words and returns to Palace.

Every day she used to come there with her friends for cleaning the surroundings and worshipping her god to whom she internally supposed to be her husband and everything.

Many years have been passed Shiva didn't observe her dedication and love for him.

But one day when Shiva opened his eyes and saw the kind of devotion she had on him.

He started thinking that, " Parvati has a true reverence for me still there is some element of egoism are there on Parvati which could be purified only when she will start her Penance.

By thinking that Shiva closed his eyes again and start meditating.

Parvati never got offended by seeing Shiva dispassion towards her. She kept following her daily routine of worshipping Shiva with true reverence for him.

On the side, Demigods were stressed by Demon Traraka Atrocities.

They knew that only Son of Shiva and Goddess Parvati could make them free from the atrocities of the Demon TrarakaSura.

According to the situations, Shiva was not showing any interest in Parvati. So there was hardly any chance of getting killed the demon Taraka.

Hence Devas tried to take help Kaam Dev or demiGod of Eroticism.

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