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There are so many spellbinding facts about Lord Shiva. Right now we are sharing 21 most astonishing facts about Lord Shiva.

1 The world has emerged from nothing & goes back to nothing.

This is one of the most exciting facts about Shiva which you will love it.

According to the modern scientific facts, which are based on the Quantum Mechanics ground defines that electromagnetic radiation is absorbed and emitted by atom at particular frequencies.

Based on the modern physicist theory, these frequencies perform energy dance of creation & destruction which are hard to understand and explain.

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Such frequencies are untraceable and almost impossible to visualize and analyze them.

According to Vedas, the dance of Shiva is the dance of Atomic sub-particle which is known as the dance of Creation as well as Dance of Destruction.

If we closely look at the Vedas then the modern science whole concept matches exactly with Vedanta.

This valuable information was discovered by the Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr. Worldwide known followers of the Vedas and science.

With Dr. Schrödinger, Niels Bohr defined that his experiment on quantum physics was relevantly compatible to the text they read on Upanishads and Vedas.

These scientists elaborated that for observing this size subatomic frequencies, one must use some sort of apparatus which should be able to work as a receptor of such minute phenomena because the Human retina is unable to do so.

Therefore, they concluded that it is unidentified null, this brings the concept of Atman here. It is another important part of the cosmologic consciousness.

This Atman thing is the singularity of the cosmic domain radiation which is actually nothing and consist of voidness.

With a combined effort of Dr. Schrödinger, Dr. Niels Bohr with Heisenberg, they elaborated that the concept of quantum theory will not look obnoxious to the Vedic scholars.

Vedas defines the whole science of modern quantum mechanics from universe to multiverse.

Great scientist like Einstein also stated that he believed in science and Vedas helped him to get the appropriate perspective of quantum energy.

According to Einstein, reading Vedas and Bhagwat Gita helped him to understand the creation of the universe that the world has emerged from nothing and goes back to nothing.

If we look at the Vedas, It straight defines that world has emerged from nothing and goes back to nothing.

whereas, Vedas significantly stated that voidness is actually Shiva.

2 - Shiva accidentally made a pair of pigeon Immortal

One day in the evening time, Goddess Parvati requests Shiva to reveal the secret of the immorality.

Shiva gives his consent to Parvati that he will reveal all hidden secrets of immorality but on one condition.

The condition was simple that Goddess Parvati will listen to the whole thing with great concentration, Parvati gets agree on Shiva's condition.

Shiva starts revealing the secret of immortality to Goddess Parvati. In the meantime, a pair of pigeons comes near to them and start listening to Shiva.

In the middle of the secret disclosure by Shiva, Goddess Parvati get's fall into the sleep but Shiva keeps revealing the secret believing that Parvati is listening to him.

In the next morning when Shiva realizes that Parvati was sleeping at the time of secret disclosure but a pair of pigeons listens to the whole secret has become immortal.

Shiva gets upset with the Goddess Parvati lack of concentration and moves out from there and indulged himself in deep Meditation for next 12 years.

Important point

Here we would like to define that Lord Vishnu is Goddess Parvati brother.

So many years get passed, Goddess Parvati waits for Shiva to come back home but Shiva doesn't return.

Finally, Goddess Parvati decides to seek help from her brother Lord Vishnu regarding the current situation.

Lord Vishnu gives promise to Goddess Parvati by Saying that "Sister Parvati - Don't worry, Swami will definitely come back to Mount Kailash."

Brahma, Vishnu reaches to the place where Shiva was meditating and in a polite voice Vishnu request Shiva to come out of meditation.

Shiva opens his eyes slowly and Sees Narayana and Brahma standing in front of him.

In a delightful way, everyone gives laughter to each other and Shiva thanks Lord Vishnu and Brahma for their efforts and finally returns to Kailash Parvat.

From that period of time, a pair of immortal pigeon lives on Mount Kailash with Shiva and Parvati.

3 Rudraksha are Shiva tears

As we all aware of the benefit of Rudraksha i.e It is helpful in curing the physiological and neurological issues.

In case, if want to know more about Rudraksha, you can read the complete guide to type and benefit of Rudraksha.

Once Shiva was meditating Suddenly a teardrop comes out of his eyes and falls on the ground and a Rudraksha tree grows there.

Goddess Parvati asks about the significance of Rudraksha to Bholenath. Shiva defines why Rudraksha is dear to him.

Shiva defines "Maheshwari, Rudraksha beads are made of my tears.

It has immense potentials to deal with all sort of negative energies. Hence wearing and seeing it is a blissful experience for everyone."

Bhooteshwara wears the Rudraksha beads as his primary ornament.

4 Shiva once lost his divinity

Lord Shiva is known as the coolest Lord of Lords. Whenever his devotees are in any kind of trouble and seek help form him. Shiva definitely has to come for his devotee's help.

Shiva Protected Goddess Sati so many times from the attacks of the demons like Vitrasura.

Goddess Sati was the first consort of Shiva. After the loss of goddess Sati, Shiva roams all over the Universe carrying Sati dead corpse on his shoulder.

By seeing Shiva's grief, Lord Vishnu chopped Goddess Sati corpse with his Sudarshan Chakra into 52 parts and each part which falls on earth became Shaktipetha .

In Sati's mourn, Shiva forgot about his divinity and roam like a heartbroken man for several of years. Looking for each ShaktiPetha.

On request of great devotees like Sage Markande and sage Dadhichi, Shiva again adopted his divinity and appointed Bhairava's to protect each Shakti petha.

5 Kashi is the most loved City of Shiva

According to Various Legends, it is believed that Shiva established the City of Kashi.

Time to time, Shiva also comes there in mystic form to visit his most loved city Kashi.

6 Goddess Sati traveled time dimension to meet Lord Rama

In the first Yuga which is known by the name of Satya Yuga. Goddess Sati had a conversation with Shiva where she accepts that she admires all the qualities of Lord Shiva as a husband.

She further elaborates to Shiva that she is continuously learning new things from those untold qualities of Lord Shiva.

Later Sati realizes that Shiva is tense regarding something. So she enquires the reason for Shiva anxiety.

Shiva explains that in next coming future Yuga which is Treta Yuga. Lord Rama , an Avatar of Lord Vishnu will go through lots of suffering. He will get separated from her spouse Goddess Sita.

This is the reason for my anxiety. Sati Thinks that if Rama is Lord Vishnu Avatar then he must be knowing about me.

So she decides to go across the one-time dimension to another and reaches to future Treta Yuga.

After reaching there she sees that Lord Rama is worshipping Shiva.

Goddess Sati takes the morph of Goddess Sita thinking that will Lord Rama able to identify her as Goddess Sati or not?

Lord Rama sees Goddess Sati in the guise of goddess Sita and regards her as mother Sati, the spouse of Lord Shiva.

This makes Sati realizes that Lord Rama is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. After returning to Satya Yuga she seeks an apology from Lord Shiva.

7 Devotees of Shiva sometimes offer toxic substance to Shiva

Lot's of people believe that Shiva loves to get intoxicated which is not true at all.

The real reason behind the offering of the toxic substance to Shiva is that Devotees want Shiva to absorb their evil side and make them free from their past sins.

Exactly like the way, he consumed the cosmic poison which turned his throat blue and became Neelkantha.

8 Shiva broke the arrogance of Warrior prince Arjun

In the time of Mahabharata era, once the great warrior prince Arjun became arrogant. He started believing that he is best in the world and nobody could beat him in archery.

Hence Shiva meets him as an ordinary villager and informs Arjuna that by mistake he has entered into his territory.

Villager requests Arjuna to return his territory but in arrogance, Arjuna tells to the villager that how dare he tried to stop the world's best archer?

As soon Arjun tries to take his bow and arrow in his hands and attack villager. Several arrows come from villager side making Arjun feels helpless.

Arjun realizes that only Mahadeva can make him feel helpless. He identifies Shiva in the guise of Villager. Shiva get's impressed with his devotion and gives a significant weapon to him.

9 Shiva is Vishnu Vallabha - Harihar

Shiva is most dear to Lord Vishnu . Hence Shiva is known as Vishnu Vallabha.

Once Shiva projected his half body as Vishnu and another half body as Shiva and defined that Vishnu is my heart and I m Vishnu's heart.

Whenever a devotee worship my either form whether Vishnu or Shiva, his worship ultimately reaches to me directly.

I m one as Harihar.


10 What happened when Parvati closed Shiva eyes from behind

Shiva Parvati love story is truly incredible. It represents a sense of care, trust, and respect for each other.

Once Shiva was sitting on his Asana when suddenly Goddess Parvati comes from Shiva behind and closes the two eyes of Shiva.

As soon Goddess Parvati closes the eyes of Shiva, the light gets disappear from the universe and darkness spread out everywhere.

In the meantime Shiva third eye gets open and light gets back into the Universe.

After seeing light getting back, Goddess Parvati leaves her hand over Shiva's eyes and Shiva closes his third eye.

Shiva defines to Parvati that I need to have my close vision all-time on the cosmos.

11 Shiva's anger is catastrophic

Goddess Sati and Goddess Parvati are one . After the death of Goddess Sati, Shiva's most catastrophic form, Veerbhadra ruined entire kingdom of Prajapati Daksha.

Meantime, Veerbhadra decapitated Daksha head. Just before Daksha head getting decapitated, Daksha realized his mistake he loudly chanted Om Namah Shivaya.

Similarly, God of eroticism tried to win Shiva senses and failed miserably. Shiva burned him with the fire of his third eye.

One of the most famous devotees of Shiva named Demon king Ravana tried to impress Shiva by lifting his mount Kailash.

Shiva made Ravana hands get buried beneath the mount Kailash for next 7 days. It gave intense pain to Ravana for making Shiva please again he created Shiva Tandava Strotra .

Shiva is also regarded as Hindu God of destruction but in reality, Shiva merely gets angry.

Shiva is free from the wheel of Karma and Time and Sees his devotees on one common ground. But it is fact that Shiva is the destroyer of Darkness and evil.

12 Shiva is worshipped in Shapeless and physical form

Bholenath is one of the most loved names given by his devotees to him. Similarly, Shiva is also worshipped in the shapeless cosmic womb or Lingam form.

13 Kundalini Shakti really exist

Shiva is regarded as the greatest giver, the first Yogi. The art of Yoga , meditation, Ayurveda etc the list is long, is all given by him to the humanity.

But one of the greatest ability he has given is that inner consciousness which is stored in the form of Kundalini Shakti. Therefore Shiva is inside and outside of our body.

By applying proper routine Yogic meditational practice one can invoke the inactive body chakras if he/she has full faith in Shiva.

14 Mount Kailash is the center of the Universe.

One of the interesting fact associated with Lord Shiva Kailash is defined below.

It might sound weird that Mount Kailash is the center of the Universe. But it is well-known fact is that Nobody ever reached on mount Kailash.

Many mountaineers tried to climb the mountain but no one accomplished the task. Most of them claimed that certain kind of mystic force made them stop right there.

Time travels too fast there, A day spends near Kailash is almost equivalent to 14 normal days.

Mount looks like a man-made pyramid. One can experience abnormal rate of hair and nail growth.

According to Sadhguru , A certain kind of divine cosmic energies keeps surrounding you there.

om parvat Nature herself signifies the presence of Shiva on the Himalayas mount Kailash and Om Parvat is one of biggest proof of it.

If you are looking for some numeric figures to believe it, here they are.

  1. Firstly the Distance between Kailash and Earth poles is same 6666 km.
  2. Second thing Mount Kailash is in sync with all other ancient monuments of the world including Stonehenge, Northpole, Pyramids of Egypt, Bermuda triangle etc.

It might sound astonishing that mount Kailash controls the Easter Island which is located exactly opposite side of the globe and famous for huge gigantic stone idols.

It is believed that these massive stone idols are looking towards Kailash.

15 In Uttarakhand Lord Shiva is treated as the son in Law

Uttarakhand is the mesmerizing state of India, known as DevBhoomi which means land of deities.

This beautiful state is also origin point of holy river Ganga .

Hence it is regarded as the pious land which is surrounded by the beautiful mountain of Himalayas.

The state is the first choice for the Yogis and Shiva devotees to achieve Shiva in their lives.

Goddess Parvati is the Daughter of great mountain king Himavan and queen Mainawati. Hence Goddess Parvati is treated as the daughter of the Uttarakhand.

Lord Shiva came to the kingdom of Himavan (Uttarakhand) to get married to goddess Parvati with respectable dignitaries and deities like Lord Vishnu and Brahma.

16 Kedarnath TuSunami ruined everything except the temple

Kedarnath is the most paramount areas for devotees of Shiva. It was built by Pandavas and revived by Adi Sankaracharya .

kedarnath Kedarnath is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, the holiest shrine of Hindus.

In July 2013 Kedarnath was Hit by the deadliest Tsunami which ruined the entire area.

When water started moving towards the temple. A massive rock came with lightning fast speed get established behind the temple.

Nobody knows from where that mighty rock came from to protect the temple. That rock actually dived the water stream into two parts.

This protected the temple and entire compound of the temple but destroyed the localities. It was a painful episode in the history of DevBhoomi.

17 Marijuana and Bhang is legalized in Shivaratri

Shivaratri is one of the most awaited festivals of India . On that day devotees reaches to the temple in the early morning for offering their prayers to Shiva.

It is Believed that Bholenath gets easily pleased in Shivratri. Devotees of Shiva enjoy Marijuana and Bhang as the major Prasad of Shiva. [Prasad means offering to Shiva]

18 In which dimension Shiva Lives?

Normal humans live in 3 dimension. Presist of dieties lives in 9 dimension and priest of Bramha lives in 10 dimension.

By invoking Yogshakti a normal human can increase their level of dimensions. The king of demigods like Indra lives in 11 dimensions.

The creator Brahma lives in 12 dimensions and Lord Vishnu lives in 14 dimensions and Only Shiva lives in 16 dimensions.

Nobody in this entire cosmos is enabled to attain 16 dimensions of Shiva.

19 There are no restrictions on worshipping Shiva

Shiva is known for following Vairagya or in simple term dispassion but Shiva is married to Goddess Parvati.

So how it could possible for Shiva to stay in vairagya and household at the same time?

Actually, Shiva always lives in the state of great ecstasy and joy. Hence Shiva is the greatest Vairagi and greatest lover in the same time.

Mahadev is known as simplistic of simple God as Bholenath. The teaching of Shiva helped every section of the life on the earth.

His devotees include human, nature, demons, animals, information seekers, sages, Aghori's, Tantric, Ghost, Dakini, phantoms etc.

Shiva is Lord of everyone especially the lord of the information seekers. Students can learn about the secrets of Success defined by Shiva to goddess Parvati

He doesn't compare his devotees based on their karmas and sin. It is the reason there is no predefined and conventional way to worship him.

20 Abode of Shiva is all about harmony and peace

There are so many lessons human can learn from Lord Shiva but harmony is best according to my own belief system.

On Mount Kailash animals like Rat, peacock, snake, Lion, Bull, Ghost etc lives in a great harmony. There is so much which humanity can learn from the divine family of Shiva.

21 Only Shiva has the Key of Kaal Chakra

Theory of relativity defines that this is not the first creation of Lord Brahma.

Nobody knows how many times Shiva created and destroyed the universe on his will.

Various Rudra's form get activated time to time to work for him. He is the creator, preserver, as well as Destroyer of every phenomenon.

Shiva created the vacuum space by dancing in his own dimension and started the flame to go inside and outside of the vacuum.

Vishu emerged from Shiva's energy and influential enough to attain any form of size, from the size of a minute electron to the universe.

This process started Kaal Chakra; It is really a powerful concept, normal human capabilities are limited and not able to understand it.

Only Shiva knows how to start and manage the Kaal Chakra. Hence Shiva is free from the wheel of Time.

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