Vairagya is the easiest way to purify soul and Karma - Shiva Yoga

Vairagya is the easiest way to purify soul and Karma - Shiva Yoga

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Vairagya is the part of inner engineering which comes in the category of Shiva yoga.

It is the easiest way to purify soul Karma.

Human mind always eager to receive more and more enlightenment from various sources. This makes them continually searching for consciousness so that they could lead from darkness to light.

What we do wrong is we try to search enlightenment in the wrong places, whereas this consciousness is already within us. We just need to unfold it.

How to Unfold consciousness within us?

Well, this is really a beautiful question to ask ourselves. Don't just blindly follow the world, observe your circumstances and make right decisions according to that.

In the real world where we are living, It is really hard to observe & understand the various situation of life phase because life is a continuous process. It doesn't allow you to pause and rethink what phase of life you are going through. It is a continuous journey due to its continuity it makes it hard to understand.

When someone else sees your life from their perspective. It is easier for them to analysis your circumstances and makes right decisions.

This brings the concept of MAYA which keeps you engaged in your situation and doesn't let you come out of it. For overcoming obstacles like this you need inner engineering.

This inner engineering is a certain kind of Yoga practice known from the name of Vairagya. This is how you unfold your consciousness.

Vairagya is the part of Yoga

Vairagya can become the medium which could take you to the journey of enlightenment.

People always connect Vairagya to isolation dispassion, detachment, or renunciation, but in the real sense, It is the union of soul and supreme consciousness.

According to this materialistic world, it is the state of mental consciousness in which common human realize the hidden strength in them and gets connected with the divine entity.

Yoga & Meditation also improves your mental as well as physical health.

How Vairagya helps people to reach their Destination.

Only humans can take advantage of Vairagya which is the easiest way to purify soul and Karma through Shiva Yoga how cool is that.

Vairagya helps human to provide a platform to get united humans with themselves.

Vairagya never says to leave your karma and follow dispassion.

Actually, people are not well aware that it is a kind of Yoga practice which plays the part of Unification of person with his inner dimension.

Vairagya is the combination of all the four yoga practice

  1. Karma Yoga
  2. Bhakti Yoga
  3. Gyan Yoga
  4. Dharma Yoga
Karma yoga -

You must be knowing Steve jobs. Yes, you are right Apple and Next Co - founder. Billionaire entrepreneur, Innovator, Thinker. He said it beautifully that life is all about connecting your dots.

Well, it is not tricky to understand he simply means that just do your deeds and keep focusing on a particular direction. This will help you to build your legacy.

Bhakti Yoga -

Bhakti yoga means getting devotion for the higher authority. It could be anything, It is not always the supreme consciousness. This kind of yoga practice allows you to give all dedication to your higher authority and getting devoted to it.

Monkey God Lord Hanuman follows Bhakti Yoga all his life by chanting and reciting Ram Naam

Let's understand it in a better way, Being a proud Indian personally

I' m a huge fan of Indian socialist revolutionary Bhagat Singh. His selfless service to this great nation INDIA is remarkable.

Massive respect for him (BHAGAT SINGH G).

It is not about just me who respect him till today you can see his hat wearing pictures on Indian Automobiles, T- shirts, and Bikes. Bhagat Singh followed Bhakti Yoga by getting devoted to his motherland.

Gyan Yoga

In sanskrit it is said

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Maheswara.

Gyan means Information or knowledge so Gyan yoga brings you endless possibilities to people.

Gyan is the medium to lead from Darkness to light.

It is the reason why teachers are equivalent to God everywhere in the world Especially in India.

Without right guidance and skill, you cannot achieve anything. So Gyan yoga has its own importance.

Dharma Yoga -

This is the hardest of all. Dharma yoga means fulfilling your responsibilities and duties at right times.

If you ever promise anything to anyone fulfill it or otherwise don't make it. It is also related to human bonding and relations.

Let's understand it in a better way. When a boy gets married to a girl. It is the responsibility of the boy to look after the girl regarding her security and mutual understanding in between them.

Similarly giving proper Nourishment and helping him in his day to day life is the responsibility of the married girl. This kind of bonds based on trust and love. If anyone tries to hide from their responsibility it means crunching Dharma Yoga

Meditation helps to get connected with Vairagya the elementary part of four types of yoga.

Meditation plays a key role in it; which will raise your thinking abilities beyond human limits. Vedas and Upanishad have defined the ways to achieve it.

Human values and logics are defined in Vedas and Upanishad which are the powerful foundation of humanitarian bonds.

Yoga blesses life - If you are tired of restlessness or rat race and looking for peace of mind then you must follow this Yoga practice for only 30 days and check out yourself what positive changes it brings to your life. your life will become more blissful and positive.

After realizing its positivity; you can follow it permanently. you will come to know that Yoga came from the ancient language Sanskrit and this divine language has defined Shiva as Source of Yoga. This video will make it clear to you; what positive transformations yoga can give you.

More over that There are 12 JYOTIRLINGAS, these are the influential radiant forms of Shiva.

Viewing the site of these JYOTIRLINGAS purifies the mind soul and karmas of the human.

Shiva is known for his innocence. A person who every day in the morning ( Brahma Kalpa ) recites the name of these 12 JYOTIRLINGAS.

That person gets salvation from all kind of bad karmas. His fortune starts shining, his every desire gets fulfill easily. Shiva blesses them with great health and wealth. Not only his /her planetary lives of the earth get improved but also their post planetary life after death is improved.

Adiyogi Adiyogi song by Isha foundation defines the Charm of Lord Shiva so beautifully. They define that Breath is eternal so as Shiva as Supreme consciousness. Feel the divine positivity in yourself. It can lead you from lowest motivation level to the Highest level.

1) Mallikaarjun Jyotirlinga - (location Shrishailya, Andhra Pradesh)

Mallikaarjun Jyotirlinga

2) Mahankal Jyotirlinga –( location Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh)

Mahankal Jyotirlinga

3) Omkar Jyotirlinga – (location Omkar, Mandhata, Madhya Pradesh)

Omkar Jyotirlinga

4) Somnath – (location Prabhasapattan, near Veraval, Sourashtra, Gujarat)

Somnath Jyotirlinga

5) Kedarnath – (location Rudraprayag district. Uttarakhand)

Kedarnath Jyotirlinga

6) Bhimashankar – (location Dakini region, Taluka Khed, District Pune, Maharashtra)

Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga

7) Vishveshwara – (location Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)

Vishveshwara Jyotirlinga

8) Tryambakeshwar (location Near Nashik, Maharashtra)

Tryambakeshwar Jyotirlinga

9) Vaidyanath (location Parli, District Beed, Maharashtra)

Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga

10) Nagesh (location Darukavan, Oundh, District Hingoli, Maharashtra)

Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga

11) Rameshwaram (location Setubandh, near Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu)

Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga

12) Ghrushneshwar (Ghrushnesh) (location Verul, District Aurangabad, Maharashtra)

Ghrushneshwar Jyotirlinga


Everyone is looking for blissful life which requires peace of mind. Without the peace of mind, we cannot understand the real motive of our lives. Vairagya helps us to understand life in a better way. Vairagya is the elementary part of Yoga.

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