Difference between lord rudra and shiva

Difference between lord rudra and shiva

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The major difference between Lord Rudra and Shiva

The Difference between Lord Rudra and Shiva is really simple but for understanding it clearly you must know who is Sadashiva?

Who is Sadashiv?

Before getting started who is Sadashiv, we must realize the concept of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh the foundation blocks of the Sanatana Dharma.

These three deities Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh are known as Trinity or Trimurti.

In which Brahma works the creation, Lord Vishnu works for Preservation and Shiva is the ultimate destroyer of darkness and evil .

Out of three divinities, Brahma the creator but he is not worshipped as Vishnu and Shiva.

There are only approx 6 temples of Brahma in which Puskar temple is the most famous one.

Lord Vishnu and Shiva have more impact on Trinity. Now, the question comes Why Brahma is not worshipped and who is more powerful Lord Vishnu or Shiva?

Here is the answer -

After reading this section of the article you will understand the difference between, Sadashiv, Lord Rudra and Shiva.

It is the story of the beginning when there was voidness everywhere. There was no time, no direction, and no light.

The only thing existed that time was divine consciousness termed as Sada-shiv the Universal Truth.

Sadashiv is limitless and shapeless. The feminine energy of Sadashiv appeared from Sadashiv.

Sadashiva termed his feminine energy as Shiva.

She gave salutation to Sada-shiv.

I didn't create you, You were already present within me. You are my energy. I m in you and you are in me. We are inseparable from each other Shiva.

Shiva told to Sadashiv that my lord you are the supreme source of consciousness and I m within you and you are within me.

After the short conversation, Shiva as the feminine energy source and Sadashiv as the cosmic man became so close as the cosmic couple.

In the initial process of creation after the creation of few elementary elements, they decided to create third cosmic energy.

From the depth of the cosmic mentation where the truth is the valuable gem. A man appeared on the bed of huge snake.

His charm was divine and the glow was lighting the entire cosmos. His crown was decorated with golds, diamonds and pearls.

He wore a shiny golden robe. There was so much calmness on his face. He opened his eyes and looked at him and asked Who am I? and what is the purpose of my origin?

SadaShiva appeared in mystic form and replied

"You are unborn and omniscient. Hence known by the name of Vishnu. You will collect all knowledge from penance. "

Sadashiva mystic voice disappeared and Lord Vishnu started collecting information through Austerity.

Lord Vishnu did the longest penance for many Kalpas to got all the knowledge he required.

His penance was so hard that various water stream start originated from his body.

Later on, 24 elements came out from Lord Vishnu body. This way lord Vishnu filled the voidness of the universe with divine water.

After getting all the knowledge Lord Vishnu slept on the snake bed for several epochs. A time came when his inner sentience gets awaked and he opened his beautiful lotus eyes.

He saw the universe was reacting with each other. He observed some phenomena happening inside him and a huge lotus began to grow from his navel part.

The lotus had beautiful petals and shines of million suns. Suddenly a shape of Lord Brahma appeared on it.

He revolved his head in all directions to know what is happening around him and a head appears to him from each direction.

Brahma observed himself alone sitting over lotus stem so he got scared. He tried to search other divine entity but failed to find anyone.

Again Sadashiv appeared in mystic form and said him to perform austerity for gaining all knowledge.

Lord Brahma did penance of more than 100 divine years.

After getting the all the knowledge from penance. Now due to Rajo trait, Brahma heart got filled with egoism.

He saw Lord Vishnu sleeping over snake bed so he asked Who are you and why you did not salute me on my arrival.

Vishnu welcome Brahma as said I Welcome You Pitahmah (Grandfather) Brahma please take a seat.

Furthur Vishnu said

Pitahmah Don't get scared, You can understand me as ultimate truth and ask your questions I will reply them all.

Brahma filled with intense anger and started disputation argument with Lord Vishnu.

A sense of war initiated between them.

By seeing the situation getting worse in the sense of superiority Between Brahma and Vishnu.

Ultimately Sadashiva interferes there as a long fire pillar and ordered both of them to reach the edge of the pillar.

Both Vishnu and Brahma were amazed to see the formless fire pillar. Brahma moved upwards and Vishnu moved downward.

They continued their journey in search of fire pillar edge for several epochs but didn't get successful to get it.

Lord Vishnu finally decides to return back the starting position with empty hands without an answer. On the other side while returning to the starting point of the pillar Brahma meets flower of Kaytiki.

Brahma convinces flower of kaytki to become the false witness of Brahma reaching the end of the fire pillar.

Flower of kaytki gives consent to Brahma to lie in front of Lord Vishnu that Lord Brahma reached the edge of huge fire pillar.

After reaching the initial position Vishnu told the truth that he has failed to reach the end of the huge fire pillar whereas Brahma lied to Vishnu that he has seen the edge of fire pillar.

He further added that he even has the witness who has seen him at the end of the fire pillar. Brahma asks flower of kaytki to lie in favour of him.

Kaytki flower lies that Brahma has seen the end of huge fire pillar to please Brahma.

By seeing Brahma lying Sadashiva angered on Brahma for his lie of reaching out the edge of the fire pillar.

Sada-shiv cursed Brahma to be not worshipped for his lies.


Sadashiva doesn't come down on that he further punishes flower of Kaytki for being a false witness by declaring renouncement to be not accepted in the worship of him.

Kaytki Flower gets scared and requests Sadashiva that the purpose of his existence will go in vain if he becomes useless.

On seeing the condition of flower Sadashiv tells to Kaytki flower that since you are not used as offering to me in worship, still you will be used for decorative purposes.

Furthur Sadashiv tells to Vishnu and Brahma that -

I m the Brahma, I m the Vishnu, I m the lord. I can be worshipped as endless fire pillar form which is actually the manifestation of my shapeless & endless form Lingam.

Brahma Dev from now you will take care of responsibility of the Creator and Vishnu; You will take care the responsibility of preservation. I will take over the duty of supreme destructor.

After Listening to Sadashiv Vishnu and Brahma requested Sadashiva to take some form so that they could worship him.

In that context, Sadashiv replied that I will take the morph of Rudra which will be known by the name of Lord of lords Mahadeva.

Rudra as Mahadev will be equivalent to my this shapeless Sadashiv morph.

There will no difference in between Sadashiv and Mahadev where Sadashiv is shapeless & endless form and Mahadev is his physical form.

My Devotees can worship me in any form. I will meet them (devotees ) in the exact same form in which they worship me.

Jiski jo shardha bhakti hoti h main use usi swaroop mein milta hoon - Shiva

Here is the major difference between lord Rudra and Shiva

Shiva is the unborn, omniscient, supreme source of consciousness who is actually the physical existence of the supreme shapeless divine entity.

Shiva is Vishnu-Vallabh means the one who is too dear to Lord Vishnu. Similarly, Vishnu is too dear to Lord Shiva.

Once Shiva projected his half body part as Vishnu and defined that we are one where Vishnu is the body and Shiva is the soul in it.

Thinking one superior to other is a kind of senseless they are one as Harihar. Both are a bipolar flux of same energy.

* Now coming to Rama Naam Connection with Shiva

Shiva is known for his simplicity similarly Lord Rama is known for his innocence and simplicity. It is the common ground which connects Shiva and Ram Naam.

Hence Shiva loves to recite the Name of Rama.

Who is Rudra?

As mentioned above that Sadashiv physical form lives on Kailash Parvat who is known by the name of Shiva or Mahadeva and his both forms are actually one.

Time to time Shiva takes various morph to destroy evil and make humans and devas free from evils like Ego, eroticisms (kama), anger and dysfunctioning.


Hence he keeps taking various Avatar, these Avatar are known as Rudra Avatar.

Lord Hanuman is also Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva .

Shiva means the Auspicious one. Rudra is always considered as an angry form of Shiva but in reality, Rudra (रुदन रोकने वाला ) means the one who wipes out the tears.

Bhootnath Shiva lives on the simplest Mahadeva form on Kailash abode of Shiva with his family which is located in China.


In this post, we tried to define the answer of people query who want's to know the basic difference between lord Rudra and Shiva.

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