Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

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Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Brahma Vishnu Mahesh is the root of Sanatan Dharma. We do always come across the same question, who is superior Brahma Vishnu or Mahesh ?

Is Lord Shiva the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu because Lord Shiva placed holy river Ganges on his head, whose origin is the feet of Lord Vishnu?

This is a really awesome question to reply. This post will define brief description about Brahma Vishnu Mahesh.

Yes, Shiva likes to chant and recite Ram Naam . How can an ordinary person like us describe the bond of affection and love between Shiva and Vishnu?

When we talk about Brahma Vishnu Mahesh, Maheshwar Shiva the greatest transformer, The omniscient who is known as Vishnu Vallabha ( most lovable || अत्यन्त प्रिय) .

Meaning the one who is most dear to Vishnu and Trimurti or Trinity is incomplete without him.

For understanding the concept of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh, we need to understand Shiva first.

Without understanding Shiva we could not understand the real spiritual meaning of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh. So Let' s have a quick Intro of Shivam Mahadevam.

Bhootnatham, Dev Devam, Kaal- Kaalam, Neelkantham,

Kaam Bhasmam, Sada Dhyan Yuktam, Nagendram, Trilochanam, Kailash-natham, Pashupati - Natham, Charm-Dhaaram.

Maheshwaram, Parmeshwaram, Divya Tej - Tejam, Gyaneshwaram, Nirgunam, Sargunam, Adidevam, Akaram, Sakaram, Shant - Sheelam, Bhavnatham.

Chandrashekraram, Jatadharayam, Aghoram, Samshanam, Bhayanam, Maha sthana vasam, Maha Kasta Nasam, Shivam Parvati Vallabham,

Mahadevam Sukh Devam, Bholenatham.

Sharnaagat Raksham Aagyachaat.

Now coming back to Brahma Vishnu Mahesh, Shiva is the primary form of divine entity in the Sanatana Dharma Like Lord Vishnu. Both are devotees as well as God for each other.

Reality is Shiva is complete in himself (Sampoorna).

Ravan and Shiva Picture showing Demon king Ravana worshipping Lord Shiva.

Shiva never worshipped anyone whereas Vishnu worshipped Shiva many times in almost every Avatar including Rama, Krishna, Parshuram .

In almost every kalpas or even in Kalyuga end, Kalki will meditate upon Shiva for strength like other Avtar worshipped Shiva for ultimate strength.

Shiva is worshipped in both formless and shaped form.

Now let's understand Descent of the Ganges on the earth

Sage Kapila wrath vanished all the sons (60, 000 sons) of the mighty king Sagar.

For salvation or Moksha of his ancestors, Anshuman the grandson of Sagar tried to apologize to sage Kapil for his ancestor's karma .

Sage Kapil advised that only water of river Ganga can give Moksha to his ancestors.

But getting river Ganga on earth was a difficult task since Ganga was a heavenly river.

Anshuman tried to bring Ganga on earth but failed miserably, Dilip, son of Anshuman Worship Lord Brahma to help him to bring river Ganga to earth.

Unfortunately, he also get failed and transfers his responsibility to his son Bhagirath

Bhagirath accomplishes the task by pleasing Lord Brahma. Brahma gets pleased with the hardest penance of Bhagirath.

He puts a condition to Bhagirath that Ganga flow is so strong that earth might get shatter by Ganga water pressure.

At last Brahma advised Bhagirath to seek help from Shiva. Only Shiva can hold the pressure of Ganga.

Bhagirath goes to the abode of Shiva Mount Kailash and requests Shiva to help him.

He asks Shiva to capture Ganga flow in his matted hair locks coil.

Shiva as simplest of Simple God get's agreed to hold Goddess Ganga on his hair locks for the humanitarian cause.

Brahma lifts his kamandal (utensils used by sages to hold alms) and releases the flow of Ganga water and Shiva get's ready to hold the Ganga in his hair locks.

By holding Ganga tremendous pressure Shiva captures the Ganga on his head hair locks and Slowly-Slowly opens his first coil of hair locks.


A stream of Ganga originates from the Shiva's head.

Shiva gives another name to Ganga as Bhagirathi for Bhagirath incredible efforts to bring heavily river to earth.

Shiva himself becomes GANGADHAR which means the one who holds river Ganga.

Ganga gives salutation and thanks to Shiva for holding her in his hair locks. Ganga tells to Shiva that he made Ganga equivalent to Moon Crescent on his head.

Such is the charm of shiva.

Shiva is always being a giver who never asked anything in return for Yoga, Ayurveda, Dance, Art, strength etc. Shiva is unique and different.

He appears hard from the outer dimension but in reality, he is soft from the inner dimension.

Shiva never tricked anyone, Shiva has an incredible amount of Love for Goddess Parvati and gets pleased easily by just offering of Bilva leaf to him.

Rakasha's misused his simplicity many times, Despite knowing the hidden evil motto's behind rakshas penance; he grants their wishes without any twist and turns.

When Rakshas's atrocities cross their limit's then Shiva takes his Rudra form as the ultimate destroyer.

Shiva set everyone free to perform their Karma's he never judges anyone based on their Karma's.

He is the only one who accepts everyone. Shiva is everlasting eternal divine consciousness (Divya Tejam).

It is the reason why everyone has great reverence for Shiva including, Animals, humans, Demigods, Rakasha's, Rivers, mountains, planets, galaxies.

The simplicity of Shiva which makes him supreme.

You can easily find devotees of Shiva on the bank of Ganges or it's tributaries.

Shiva is behind the yogic science that's why Yogis and Meditaters around the world have great reverence for him as the First Yogi commonly known as ADIYOGI.

In the cosmic ocean crunching where everyone took the luxury item with themselves, Shiva was the only one who didn't take anything except the cosmic poison and drank it for saving the universe from the adverse effect of poison.

The reason is obvious Shiva didn't require anything from this materialistic world.

He already has everything that's why he is supreme Vairagi; who is free from the wheel of Karma and time.

Once Lord Shiva said
"Vishnu is my heart and I am Vishnu heart as the body cannot survive without a heart. The Same way we cannot live without each other".

Puranas defined Lord Vishnu as a manifestation of Shiva's half Body.

Puran also defines us that Lord Shiva holds Lord Vishnu in his Left part of the body. They both are the flux of same energy.


Brahma Vishnu Mahesh is the first layer of Hinduism. In which Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu is preserver and Shiva is the ultimate destroyer .

Shiva and Vishnu share the special bond with each other.

There will be no Shiva without Vishnu and there will be no Vishnu without Shiva. Both are the flux of same energy which is known as SadaShiva (Truth).

When Shiva devotee worships Shiva, in reality, they are worshipping Lord Vishnu and when a Vishnu devotee worships Shiva, in reality, they are worshipping Shiva.

Mahadev is apart from the calculative approach of the world which keep measuring and comparing each other. Shiva is Somya (Soft), Shiva is the Rudra, Adi Purusha.

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