Bholenath [ Simplicity of Shiva ]

Bholenath Simplicity of Shiva

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Bholenath the Simplicity of Lord Shiva

Bholenath is the most loved name of Shiva by his devotees. The name specifies the Simplicity of Shiva who gets easily pleased by just offering a Bilva leaf and water pouring on Lingam.

This post will help you to understand Why Shiva is known by the name of Bholenath?

Simplicity has a name Bholenath

Bhole means Simple and Nath means king. hence Bholenath means the king who is known for his innocence or simplicity.

Supreme Consciousness Brahamanand Shiva, Lord of Lords who is known by the name of Mahadev. That Limitless, omniscient, greatest transformer Shiva's has the countless qualities.

Just think for a moment about a person who never lies and never tricks anyone, not even his enemies or people who always take advantage of his kindness and simplicity.


Gyanmurti who is free from materialistic bonds and complete or sampoorna in himself.

He never asked anyone to worship him but his devotees start dancing by just listening to the beat of the pellet drum.

Umapati is gracious and his devotees know it clearly. Once when you get Shiva in your life you feel pious, calm and ecstatic in life.

Such is the impact of Neelkantha on his devotees. They love everything about him. Like how he makes his devotees free from their pain and sorrows.

Adiguru Shiva's teaching is really effective whether you believe him or not but his lessons are really life-changing. You can easily understand the secret of success defined by Lord Shiva.

The best thing about Shiva is that Bholenath doesn't belong to any community, caste, creed or religion.

It is the reason he is known as supreme Vairagi , Who doesn't believe in any particular ideology and simply unorthodox.

There are no rules and the particular customs to worship him. He is beyond such law poetics. The only thing that is required is true faith and devotion.

Once you invoke your reverence for him then he has to come to sorting out your every life issues in a mystic form. He even can't control himself by not taking care of you.

Kailashpati is Bhavnatham who can understand even your unspoken words. World guru's and entire sages community follow him for his kindness and giving abilities.

Antaryami Shiva is the master of the world where everyone took the luxury item from the cosmic ocean crunching.

He was the only one who took poison for himself to protect the universe from the adverser effect of the cosmic poison Halahal. He drank it for protecting all of us.

The qualities which can make you fall in love with him. Learning and knowing those simple but effective qualities can fill anybody life with blissfulness.

His every trait and lessons has the aptitude to make this world a better place to live. Shiva is free from all kind of ego's, anxieties and sin exactly like an innocent child.

The First Yogi - ADIYOGi, You can easily find people meditating upon him on the bank of the holy river Ganga . The art of meditation & Yoga originated from him. This list is really long.

He is a husband, a father, a Teacher, a friend you can connect with him in his any morph.

Trilochana is available in both forms in physical existence as well as in shapeless form . It is up to us how we want to get him in our lives.

Shiva's million names represent particular quality like Gangadhar [The one who holds holy river Ganga on his head], Neelkantha [ Man with a blue throat ], Jatadhraya [ Who has long matted hair locks], Chandrashekara [ Moon crescent on his head].

Shiva is auspicious supreme divinity. The one who is most dear to Lord Vishnu hence known as Vishnu Vallabha without whom Trinity is not complete.

Worshipping Shiva is like surrendering to the auspiciousness and adapting all the grace of life.

Shaktipati Shiva is kind, emotional, Vairagi, innocent, Guiltless, supernatural, shapeless cosmic phenomena. The one who knows how to give equal respect to his spouse Goddess Parvati.


Now, this makes sense why every unmarried girl wants a husband with virtues and qualities of Maheshwar Shiva.

Shiva is the Adipurusha and Goddess Parvati the better half of Shiva is nature or Prakriti. Both are one as Prakriti and Purusha or shivshakti. Prakriti is the feminine element and Shiva is the male element.

Nature / Prakriti always takes care of Purusha (male).

It is the reason Shiva loves remain surrounded by nature and lives under the sky and in the forest because he loves Prakriti / nature so much.

Shiva - Parvati are inseparable and the bond of trust and love is so strong between them. Prakriti or nature cures him and nourishes him.

She cooks Kheer (a Sweet dish) for him.

Shiva loves the sweet taste of Kheer cooked by goddess Parvati for him. Shiva can't resist himself by not enjoying Kheer made by Parvati for him.

Gyaneshwara, Shambhoo founder of various art skill and the greatest teacher of Parashurama and SaptRishis. He is the biggest giver.

The kind of devotion a man puts on him he meets him in exactly that same guise.

He accepts everyone including venomous snakes to Ghost and apparition. Shiva is kind for everyone and sees everyone on common bases without differentiating in their Karmas .

Not just humans worship him even animals, rivers, demons have full faith in him. Ravana was one of greatest devotee of Shiva who created shiv tandav stotra in reverence of Shiva.

The problem of the east is that they know only one morph of Shiva which is the Ultimate Hindu God of destruction whereas Shiva is much more than that.

A yogi who lives in the freezing conditions of Mount Kailash , DhaynYuktam always meditating and calm. The controller of all five elementary elements (Panch Mahabhoot).



Bholenath have a charismatic persona which attracts people to know more about him like why does Shiva smoke weed?

Another important question which often comes out is Whom does Shiva meditate upon?

Lot's of our readers want to understand the relationship between Lord Rama and Shiva?

Yes, it is true Bholenath shares a special bond of affection with Ram Naam and he loves to chant and recite the name of Lord Rama whereas Lord Rama have reverence on Lord Shiva.

Lord Rama is known for his simplicity and kindness, similarly, Shiva is known for his simplicity and kindness.

It is the common base between them which connected them with each other.

On the other side, there is another major question which is associated with Bholenath is that people want to understand are Sati and Parvati same or different dona's.

Such queries define the amount of curiosity, devotion and reverence people have on him and Shiva is admired all over as Bholenath.

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