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About Defeat & Rejection

Defeat & Rejection

Beena GairolaBy   Beena Gairola |     Last updated :   6 Aug 2017

Defeat & Rejection

“The secret of happiness is freedom the secret of freedom is courage ”

There is so much similarity between these two words but both have the different meaning when they are put together.

I don’t know what is more painful defeat or rejection. We all have experienced the two sometimes. Rejection breaks us but defeat makes us.

Confused let me explain; in the case of rejection, it’s not much to be done, because it’s the choice of opposite party to select or reject the individual. if we fall in the first category and it good but if we fall in the later it hurts.

The first time is hardest it feels like a huge weight of stone on the chest later on its pain magnitude decreases Whereas sometimes the defeat is the indication of our fight.

If we did all, we could it fill our heart with an unknown joy that you did what you could it was an honest practice no adulteration and in fact appreciate the effort of winner that they were great today and get inspiration that yes we’ll be to be great some day.

Getting rejected or defeated from someone who is younger or lack in experience is heartbreaking but there are cases where there is no point of comparison. We can improve up to a limit there are some trades which can’t change here I am pointing to natural physical beauty, height.


There will be times when an undeserving person takes your part of appreciation, job, spouse or boyfriend girlfriend but you know what somewhere down the line it is for good because nothing can ignite that inspiration in human than that ego.

Yes, ego most of the sign taken as a negative trait but trust me nothing in this whole universe can ignite the fire in this world than the burning fire and desire of that ego.


We want to show that they were very wrong rejecting us, their focus was hazy who could not see who was deserving and then we improve, work so hard that each night and day we hear those word, see that text that is the reflection of you are not good enough and we decide I am gonna change and gonna be perfect .

And through this resilience, we go through a process that process of transformation not only mentally physically but emotionally that target revolves around our eyes every now and then After some years we see that that rejection was for good otherwise we would be satisfied with less.

Lesser paying job, mediate boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Qualities which makes us or breaks us are kindness and courage in our heart, courage to accept and let it go kindness to forgive and move on for better opportunities that are what makes us rational and helps us in being better us.

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