10 Benefits of Chanting Ram Naam

10 Benefits of Chanting Ram Naam

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There are so many Benefits of Chanting Ram Naam. We are defining importance of Ram Naam jaap.

In reality, no one has the ability to express the countless benefits of chanting Ram Naam. Still, we tried to bring out 10 major benefits of Ram Naam Jaap

Let's understand what Ram Naam means?

When two different literals 'Ra' & 'Ma' are put together. It gives the sense of divine consciousness and becomes the name of Lord Rama.

Chanting name of Rama gives a deep sense of relaxation to the human mind. This is the power of chanting Ram Naam.

Great sages of ancient India or Asian subcontinent and poet like Sage Valmiki defined Rama as the Avatar of Lord Vishnu in a grand apotheosis known as Ramayan.

Ramayan is a beautiful epic which defines the ideal dimensions of human values in a beautiful way.

Sage Valmiki manifested Son of Dasrath and Kaushalya as the human avatar of Supreme sentience.

The one who is everywhere and in everyone but we cannot see him with our open eyes.

A person who has selfless reverence on him can easily see or observe the presence of Raghu Nandan. (Raghu Nandan Another name of Rama).

Otherwise, that divine entity is present everywhere but you wouldn't be able to observe him. He works in a mystic way.

Lord Rama message to the world

In human avatar lord, Rama gave very important message to whole humanity which includes -

  1. Always do good Karma and follow the path of righteousness.

  2. Have compassion in your heart.

  3. Simplicity is the best policy.

  4. Be savior of feeble.

  5. Respect your Parents, teachers, elders.

Power of Ram Naam

Rama is Antaryami ( means - The one who knows everything) who has many names. The highest authority of cosmic phenomena.

Ram Naam is one of the most powerful and positive vibes in this cosmos.

We all know very well about the Benefits of Meditation . It is advised that chanting or reciting Ram Naam while meditating enhances the benefits of Meditation phenomenally.

10 benefits of Chanting Ram Naam.

  1. Reciting and chanting the Ram Naam in the Meditation unites you with the Supreme sentience.

  2. Chanting Ram Naam makes you free from your destructive energy. It develops the constructive positive energy flow in you.

  3. Chanting Ram Naam gives you peace of mind and helps you to overcome the disorders like anxiety and Depression.

  4. Chanting Ram Naam creates a significant vibration on the human body which invokes the part of subconscious mind by invoking sleeping nerves neurons. It improves your decision-making abilities and makes you more creative.

  5. Ram Naam helps you to overcome bad behavior and anger problems. Chanting Ram name makes you capable to come out of Animal passion.

  6. There are so many effects of chanting Ram Naam. Chanting Ram Naam act as an Ayurvedic medicine which heals your emotional pains and sorrows.

    It also heals you physically like improving your Blood circulation and enhancing your blood purification system. This is the power of Ram Naam that even dying person can get his life back.

  7. One of the major benefits of Ram Naam Jaap is; it will set you towards right direction on the life path.

    It will grow the feeling of Compassion, trust, and faith in you which will help you to become a better human being.

  8. There are several benefits of chanting Rama mantra like it gives you param Anand which means perennial joy. it will improve your body metabolism and reduce catabolism or toxic elements from your body.

  9. Lord Hanuman is one of the biggest devotees of Lord Rama.

    There are many amazing childhood stories are associated with Hanuman Ji . Once he stated that just by reciting or chanting the Ram Naam he get's the cosmic energy.

    It makes sense why Lord Hanuman was incredibly so Strong? His reverence on Lord Rama gave him such a massive strength which helped him to even displace mount Dronagiri ( The remaining part of the mount is known as Dunagiri and located at northern Indian state of Uttarakhand) from the Himalayas to Sri Lanka.

  10. Reciting and Chanting Ram Naam is The easiest way to purify Soul and Karma Even Mahatma Gandhi Chanted Ram Naam at the time of his Death. He stated " Hey Ram ... "

These are the only few positive effects of chanting Ram Naam.

Benefits of chanting Ram naam

Ram Naam is not limited to any particular section of society.

Ram is the universal name of the divine entity, the name belongs to each and every section of life which includes Humans, animals, plants, rivers, mountains etc.

Just by reciting and chanting the name of Lord Rama we get freedom from our past sins.

The power of word Ram

Name of Ram is the base of the Asian subcontinent.

For Indians, name of Ram is synonyms to peace and strength.

Ram Rajya is regarded as the most peaceful state.

If Chanter continuously chants the Ram name he will surely get the benefits of chanting Rama mantra.

It may possible that chanters will not get an instant result but he will definitely get the positive result after some period of time.

You just need one thing that is reverence on him. When your devotion is true for him, he will definitely come to you in a mystic form to resolve your issues.

Miracles of chanting Ram Naam

You can chant Ram Naam while mediating and feel the Miracles of chanting Ram Naam.

Chanting Ram Naam positively impact on chanter body as defined above. We are living a limited life on this earth what is the use of living like a stone who cannot take the Ram Naam.

This life is a huge ocean of thoughts and karma hence it is called BHAV - SAGAR. Ram Naam is that boat which can help you to cross this BHAV- SAGAR.

When the name of Ram is written on the stones of the Adam's Bridge also known as Rama's Bridge or Rama Setu . Hard rock solid stone started floating on the sea.

If a stone can float on the sea when the name of Lord Ram written on it then why can't we float in this BHAV- SAGAR.

Even Lord Shiva destroyer of the darkness and evil loves to chant the name of Rama. This is really a beautiful bond between Shiva and Vishnu . In which Lord Ram regards Shiva as supreme Consciousness and worships him just before the battle with demon king Ravana.


It is advised that chanting Ram Naam is good for soul and mind. There are so many Benefits of Chanting Ram Naam like

  1. It reduces animal passion and rude behavior in you.
  2. Ram Naam Jaap gives you peace of mind
  3. It makes you more creative by invoking subconscious neurons and pineal gland which is regarded as sixth sense of humans.
  4. Chanting Ram Naam is good for your blood circulation and blood purification which is responsible for glow in your skin and face.

Thanks for reading benefits of Chanting Ram Naam. With our limited knowledge, we tried our best to express importance of Ram Naam Jaap.
In case if we missed something, please feel free to let us know.

Last but not the least thanks for your valuable time to reading this blog post. Please don't forget to share it with your family and friends. If you have any suggestion or feedback feel free to connect with us on over contact us page .

Have a great time ahead.

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