Robot 2 release date [ 2.0 Thaliva ]

Robot 2 release date [ 2.0  Thaliva ] Courtesy - Hindustan times

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I know you can't wait to know Robot 2 release date.

Robot 2 release date. - 25 January 2018

This is not a paid post

This post is actually a tribute to Thaliva from his fans all around the globe.

This post is really a crazy post, and the reason is obvious that this post belongs on one of my favorite actor in the Indian film industry who is none other than Rajinikanth - Thaliva himself.

2.0 Robot 2 release date. - 25 January 2018

Contribution Performer
Starting [ Rajinikanth - Thaliva himself ]
Starting Akshay Kumar [Khiladi - AKI]
Starting Amy Jackson [ Gorgeous - Amy]
Directed by S. Shankar
Written by S. Shankar & B. Jeyamohan
Music by A. R. Rahman
Country INDIA
Language HIndi & Tamil
Budget ₹450 crore

2.0 is the humongous budget Indian Movie Starting by Thaliva [Rajinikanth] , Akshay Kumar, Amy.

Now we know the Robot 2 release date it's time to apply for advance booking otherwise it will become hard for you to get the ticket.

Amy-Jacksons-first-look-from-the-film-2.0.jpg Courtesy - freepressjournal

Akshay Kumar is playing the villain role in 2.0. His crow look is creating a lot of buzzes.

The robot 1.0, previous part of the 2.0 movie was a Mega blockbuster but this one looks like amazingly superb.

Thaliva - Rajni Sir, Why People love him so much?

Any movie can become special when you have Rajni sir in it.

As soon as Robot 2 release date is coming near people are getting restless. It is the massive opportunity for the multiplex owner to make huge money.

2.0 is a complete treat to Aki and Rajni sir fans. I m really big fan of Rajni sir.

I loved Rajni sir persona on the screen, the way he presents himself on-screen or off-screen is simply winsome. After seeing his style and charm you will get hypnotized.

People used to call him Thalaiva. In Tamil, Thalaiva means Boss or Leader. It is the people way to give respect to Rajni sir.

You might not know that in various places of India people are super crazy for him. They even worship him as their God.

Thaliva Courtesy - filmywave

Rajni sir refined the styling and action in Indian movies.

His every movie is a treat to his fans. Rajni sir has a large filmographic record.

I loved Rajni sir many movies but nowadays I m limited to these amazing names which include Linga, Boss, Kabali, Robot. Now going crazy for 2.0

I remembered that when Kabali was releasing the big corporate houses of India declared holidays in the office so that their team members could enjoy Rajni sir movie with family and friend.

This is the buzz of Thaliva akka Rajnikant.

In a jolly manner in India, it is said that what Superman can't Thaliva can. Now you can have an idea how much people love their Thaliva.

About Akshay Kumar - Man ruling industry on his terms.

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. This line goes perfectly with Akshay Kumar.

He wakes up early morning at 4 am. Check out the Important tips of waking up at 4am

We must try to learn from him how to wake up early morning up to 4 am. I personally believe that becoming a morning person is better than a night owl.

Akshay is commonly known as Khalidi Kumar by his fans. He is known for his healthy & strict lifestyle. He likes to take organic food for his nutrition.

Akshay is one of the most versatile actors of Indian film industry. What I liked about Aki is that the way he evolved in the cinema.

His real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia.

He is trained black belt in Taekwondo. In his initial days, he took off to Bangkok, Thailand to study Muay Thai, a Thai combat sport.

Today he is one of the most loved superstars of India but before getting into movies he also worked as a chef and waiter in restaurants. he even did a travel agency watchman job.

This is the really a wonderful side of the actor which gives a strong message of Never Give up on extreme adverse conditions.

One thing which inspires me more is that after a decade in the film industry he got his first film fare which was for a role of villain in a movie named Ajnabee. He still never got the best actor award.

Akshay kumar 2.0 Courtesy - deccanchronicle

Akshay and Rajni sir combination is deadly

Both are Mega superstars. They know very well how to rule the industry. Indian fans and Fans across the world are getting ready for 2.0.

The movie is already superhit before release. The movie earned 20 million + before its releasing. Aki and Rajni sir are both stylish and has the massive fan following.

The whole Indian film industry as one unit is waiting to see the magic of two superstars.

Before 2.0 this type of buzz was observed for Bahubali 2.0 - the Conclusion which was the next part of the epic movie Bahubali starting darling Prabhas.

Bahubali earning 1700 + crores and is yet to be released in China. Bahubali series is appreciated all over the globe. The movie presented the art and cinema beautifully on silver screen.

If I talk about 2.0 it's budget is even bigger than Bahubali.

It is an approximation that movie can cross 3000 crores. This kind of earning can be expected by Rajni sir and Akshay Kumar.

Music seems to be backbone of the Movie 2.0

Just two songs are released by now and already got 1 million + listens on jukebox and youtube in less than 24 hours.

2.0 music is composed by AR Rahman.

You can feel the digital loves beats in the song, simply mesmerizing. I am listening to it in repeat mode. I hope you will like it to.

Songs released in two versions one is in Tamil another one is In Hindi.

  1. Mechanical Sundariye – Tu Hi Re
  2. Rakshas si

Both became the instant hit as soon as released over the internet.


Robot 2 releasing date is 25 January 2018. Everyone is getting ready for this big budget movie. Thaliva Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar is the leading actor in the movie.
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