Health benefits of ginger

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Have you ever wonder about Health benefits of ginger . Then this post will help you to get all the required information.

Ginger is a primary spice known for medicinal benefits.

On this post, we are going to explain Health benefits of ginger

Significance of ginger

Ginger Scientific name is Zingiber officinale which grows in the root of the herbaceous plant.

100 gm of ginger supplies 80 calories.

Ginger contains

water 79&
carbohydrates 18%
Protein 2%
Fat 1%
It is a natural spice which is used in so many home remedies. Ayurveda includes it as a major healing component.

Ginger is completely safe but In certain cases, ginger can cause resentment and other side effects, particularly if taken in the excessive powdered form.

The appropriate amount of Ginger powder is used as the cardiovascular drug.

It is believed that ginger is the divine medicine, gifted to the human race which could be consumed as a spiritual drink.

Ginger tea is a famous home remedy for cold and cough.

Moreover, According to ancient Indian ideology ginger consist of satva element, Hence ginger is a spiritual as well as a physical healer.

A person who suffers from Schizoaffective disorder

[A mental health condition including schizophrenia and mood disorder symptoms]

can take ginger tea as the medicine in compare to olanzapine which has a side-effect.

Ayurveda recommends ginger for dealing various health issues like clearing the circulatory channels in our veins and arteries.

Ayurveda also glorifies uptake of ginger to cure external allergies and enhancing the skin glow.

The health benefits of ginger don't stop here it helps body Agni (temperature) to maintain equilibrium with an external world.

Ginger is used in various food cuisine and beverages. But most importantly it is used in tea.

There are various categories of tea culture around the world in which some people use to prefer tulsi, peppermint, honey or lemon with ginger in tea whereas others don't.

Health benefits of ginger

Ginger is hot by nature, its juice contains enzymes which are helpful in enhancing the digestive effect of pancreatic juices.

Due to its warm but pungent trait ginger is widely used in tea and veggie soups by the people who suffer from the cold during the winters.

Here are top 10 Health benefits of ginger .

1 Ginger prevents travel sickness

Ginger contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, amino acids, and magnesium.

It helps in road travel sickness by preventing vomiting and headache.

2 Ginger helps in Digestion

Ginger plays a valuable role in proper digestion. It helps our digestive system to absorb more nutrients from the food substance.

In the contemporary of digestion, Ayurveda gives value to ginger juice equivalently as compared to the papaya juice, shakes.

3 Improves Blood circulation

Ginger contains required mineral and nutrients which are helpful in enhancing the proper blood circulation of the body.

Consumption of ginger prevents fat from depositing in the arteries hence reducing the chances of heart strokes.

4 Ginger in tea helps in stress management

Drinking a cup of ginger tea relaxes muscles from tiredness.

It is said that good thoughts and an awesome cup of ginger tea can make anyone's mode.

Ginger tea sip helps in the Relieving stress and tension.

Many people across the globe include ginger tea in their routine.

5 Ginger improves immunity

Our body has it's own defense system which protects us from viruses and allergies. Gingers contain high levels of antioxidants and minerals.

These mineral-rich components strengthen body immunity by lowering the cholesterol layers.

6 Ginger helps in prolificity in men

When ginger is consumed in an appropriate amount by men, it increases male virility by increasing sperm count.

7 Ginger is helpful in weight loss

Ginger is an excellent fat burner which reduces the calories. Hence preferred by lots of people who practice weight loss.

8 Helpful in menstrual discomfort

Putting your towel dipped in ginger tea and place it in your uterine part relaxes your muscles which will help you to get relief from pain.

You can also drink ginger tea it will give you soothing effect in your periods.

9 Ginger reduces Inflammation

One of the important health benefits of ginger is that it reduces Inflammation of joints.

It mostly helpful in treating swelling, rheumatoid arthritis.

10 Helpful in Alzheimer’s Disease

Another important Health benefits of ginger are that it cures Alzheimer. Ginger tea protects the loss of brain cells and neurological dysfunctioning.

Meditation and Ginger tea really helps in such disorder.

Ginger side effects

Even if the medicine is consumed in the excessive amount it could become fatal for health

An inappropriate amount of ginger consumption may lead to diarrhea, heartburn, acidity and even extra menstrual bleeding and pain.

Ginger tea can cause restless in nights. Pregnant ladies must avoid consumption of ginger tea.

Taking ginger tea on an empty stomach may cause stomach malaise.


On this post, we have defined the Health benefits of ginger.

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