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Welcome to Viyali Media Network

Viyali is the Micro blogging media network founded by Santosh Gairola.

Viyali is the lifestyle blogging community where we post light-hearted, simplistic articles related to Spirituality, Motivation, Happy Lifestyle and wellness.

Viyali.com is the attempt to create a positive impact on the worldwide societies to spread healthy and spiritual mindset.

Who is Santosh Gairola?

Being a tech guy; I love everything related to technology especially writing programming codes in .net framework.

According to my Twitter Profile I define myself as

Owner of viyali Micro Blogging Media Networks - Only positive vibes | Santosh Gairola | .Net Coder | Designer | Blogger - Happy Lifestyle, Motivational, Spiritual Yogic.

Here are some of the places where people can connect with me.

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Born to a Humble Indian family, I always look my family as a source of inspiration. Family and friends call me Sonu or Sammy according to their choices but I call myself web-developer, Designer, Blogger and Team leader.

The best thing about Technology is that it gives you the power to change the world and make it better for everyone.
- Santosh
Technology helps you to connects with other people across the world. The Internet is playing a major in bringing people closer and making this world a better place for everyone.

I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs. For his never giving up abilities

I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs; how a nontechie college dropout came from nowhere founded one of the most influential companies in the world.

It is the beauty of the Technology which allows everyone to expand their wings. Before founding this site I created various software and apps, online as well as offline.

My previous work before Viyali.com

In the meantime, I created a blog on Blogspot Awesome C sharp . Slowly - slowly I learned about blogging, traffic and all. I enjoyed the whole process these initial days.

Due to heavy work load, I engaged myself in my work; later on, Blogging enchanted me so I again turned to blogging. This time I picked photos websites as my niche and stared Awesome pixel .

I felt really great when my organic traffic increased from 4, 15, 40, 78, 100 to 345, 788, 1000, 2000, 3000 approx per day.

This filled me with joys. I Started reading more articles about how Blogging is done.

I didn’t stop on that I read success and failure stories. Now I am sure that Hard-work is the only single driver of success in every field.

Be Humble and kind to everyone.

I started Meditation , Yoga and listening to Lord Shiva music. This whole process filled me with inner peace.

Motive of Viyali.com

Now we are focused on providing a better spiritual place for Everyone to get peace of mind with the great modern wellness and spiritual content.

This is how Viyali.com came into existence. The site initially was designed & coded for family and friends.

What we did wrong in the initial phase of the site?

In the starting, We were trying to create a community on it, but the biggest mistake was we launched it without proper Seo & testing.

Our mistake list was long like many of our readers may be knowing that we coded this site by our own without installing Wordpress. So our design was not appropriate according to new Google algorithm update which use to prefer AMP now these days. Then we made important changes regarding our

1- Design and Color Combination
2- Page Speed
3- Semantics of the Seo
4- Better User Experience
5- Our content Presentation Skills
6- Introducing the best Graphics and Multimedia Content
7- Blogging skills

Being a beginner in this filed, we did 100's of mistakes. Then we learned the how to do things correctly? We are still learning new things every day including Basic of Blogging, Basics of SEO, Basics of Marketing and technical framework.

Now, the site was getting good traffic and visitors have started considering us as an authority by revisiting our site. We promise to our visitors that we will always try to put good stuff on your table.

We really appreciate the efforts put by our visitors for creating an account on our site. I'm very thank full to them for giving us an opportunity by putting faith on our work.

Now we are trying build really an effecting Blogging community together with all of you. Till then we are working on making this site better place for everyone. If you have any suggestion or feedback please feel free to share it with us, Thank you.

Santosh Gairola

Santosh Gairola

Santosh Gairola
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  • Nandi greets sati

    Sati, daughter of the great king, allows Nandi to take away all the flower of lotuses with him in which Shiva name was written on petals.

  • Story of Nandi

    Nandi takes all lotuses from princes' palace to Kailash and Shiva reminds Nandi about his Vairagya.

  • Sampoorna Shiva

    Sati welcomes all the dignitaries who comes for huge gathering. Shiva Gives shelter to sculptor community

  • Daksha Invites Shiva for Huge Gathering

    Daksha decides to organize a huge gathering where he invites Shiva to join the summit. Sage Kashyap takes responsibility on his shoulder to give an invitation to Shiva.

  • Sati confused whether she loves Shiva or not

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  • Shiva protects Sati

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