Viyali is an ultimate Lifestyle blog

Viyali is an ultimate Lifestyle blog based on happy lifestyle, wellness, Motivational stuff, and spirituality. We create top lifestyle post

Through our lifestyle blog, Viyali; we would like to share positivity in the form of spiritual science so that everybody could connect to supreme consciousness and get enlighted.

Blogs on Lord Shiva
Articles on Lord Shiva

There is no one like him. Lord Shiva is the supreme consciousness .

Articles on Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is the Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva known as a selfless devotee of Lord Rama

Self Help
Articles on Self Help

Our Self-help section will talk about growth

Happiness post
Articles on Happiness

Read best articles on happiness which will fill you with joy.


Viyali is an ultimate lifestyle blog; lifestyle means the way how someone perceives life. For us, life is a journey of Atma towards Parmatma.

Ayodhya - the birth place of Lord Rama

Ayodhya - the birth place of Lord Rama

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